People often,’though now not so much, don’t realise Kanye’s big hit “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” originally uses Daft Punk’s same titled song as the background sample. I have nothing wrong with sampling because music is sample upon sample upon sample, really. But give credit to where credit is due!

On that note, this is somewhat old news but I’m sure you fashionistas out there have noticed a pretty wikkid heart pin floating around on the chest of some big names in the biz, notably, Kanye West.


Kanye dresses himself quite nicely and definitely keeps up with fashion and sometimes sets his own trends, and in light of past events and the recent release of 808s and Heartbreaks (which I LOVED btw), some people have been pointing the heart-pin creation in the direction of Mr. West.

Yeezy sure makes it look good, esp on his interview with Conan which you can watch here.

The heart is a pretty cool accessory, I must say. But, it was created by these two dudes named Dee and Ricky, click on the picture to go to their store!

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