Ok this is a late night post but I just really have to get this off my chest. Amidst all the fanasssstic record releases coming up (of which I’ve copped! baaaajajjaa), this is the MOST DISAPPOINTING of them all.

I didn’t really have exceptionally high expectations for this album because nothing can top their self titled debut in 2004, and the release after that, You Could Have It So Much Better, was well, pretty medicore and it WASN’T that much better contrary to what the title of this LP would have me believe.

I remember the first time I heard Franz Ferdinand; it was on Zane Lowe. “Darts of Pleasure” first drew me in. The world didn’t agree but soon changed their minds with “Take Me Out”. After that it was tour this, merchandise that, money money glamor rock fame wooohoo Scots! And it wasn’t a disappointing two hit band ooooh no. The ENTIRE 2004 LP is INCREDIBLE. Plus, they are AMAZING live.

Second LP release a year later. DO DO DOOOO YOU REALLY WANNNA DO DO DOOOO YOU REALLY WANNA WANNA KNOW?? One of the catchiest songs on the album for sure.  There are a few others on there but man it was overall a pretty big let down. Such high hopes!!! But you know, FF still stuck to their formulaic success, catchy hooks, catchy beats, catchy everything. The belting and wailing, the simple lyrics, the foot stomping!!! It was great! But not as foot-stompingly, head bashingly infectious like their 2004 LP. Still…OOOooooOO so good…

…while it lasted.


The subtleties of FF still remain for sure…but they dipped themselves in a bit of pop a bit of electro. And I love pop. I love electro. I am ALL for change, after all this IS the era of change…right?! HOPE PROGRESS CHANGE! oooh yes oh yes. And sometimes, change is magnifcent it is grand it is great!…and you know many bands have made FANTASTIC records integrating more pop, more synth, more production into their sound…NEW ORDER?! DEPECHE MODE?! RADIO SOULWAX?! The Killers, Radiohead, Animal Collective, and many many MAAAANY others. So I’m thinkin’ change is GOOD! Growth is goood!!! I love FF and I think all the band members are fantastic and I especially love how passionate they are on stage, making love to their instruments like lovers, and sharing this wondrous experience with us, the watchers of this melodic dance.

I heard “Ulysses’s” and the overflow of remixes that came along with it and thought, well they’ve taken a few years working on this album…perhaps FF will rise to the top once again!!! I was sadly betrayed by this faith.

It took me SO long to even find something I liked about it. I’m super open minded about all things, esp music but honestly I’ve listened to it 10 times now and I powered through and stil I feel let down:

First time: hmmm this is REALLY disappointing
Second time: wow this sort of sucks…WHOA “Lucid Dreams” is sort of crazy!!!
Third time: UUUuggggh man this is so boring what happened? No wonder “Ulysses” is their first single.

It finally became apparent that I needed to stop listening to this album. Listen to something else and come back. And I’ve done just that. And my opinion is still the same.

Fourth time: hmmm I’m really liking “No You Girls”
Fifth time: still bored, disappointed, and am now losing focus and multitasking with other things
Sixth and onward: a bit of head popping, foot movement, possible tapping of fingers?

This sounds like a really super harsh review but I don’t really mean it to be. I can see why people may really loooooove this album but it’s just not a record I’m gonna go back to and listen to enjoy.

I don’t really find myself bopping along, or paying attention; it’s background white noise but not the good kind like looping a [re-jazz] album, but the bad kind like a the scratching of skin or the buzz of the fridge or the chatter behind the walls which enclose your space.

I give Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand 6.5/10.

MP3: Franz Ferdinand – Lucid Dreams

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