Madcon is short for mad conspiracy. They are from Norway. And they overflow of awesomeness.

It makes me jump up jump up and get down, a lot. It has the subtleties of oldies like Frankie Valli, Dion and the Belmonts, and Four Seasons mixed in with modern Architecture in Helsinki-esque instrumental hootenanny to create a consistency that passes for hip pop ‘n’ B. This, plus the lyrical soulfulness of John Legend, and rapping prowess of The Rascalz, makes An InCONvenient Truth an amazing hip hop album and a huge fave for me in ’08. Their former albums It’s All A Madcon and  So Dark the Con of Man are also wikkid. Buy them. =)

I give Madcon – An InCONvenient Truth a 9.0/10.

MP3 from InCONvenient Truth: Madcon – Wholehearted

MP3 from InCONvenient Truth: Madcon – 2000 ‘n’ AA

MP3 from So Dark the Con of Man: Madcon – Beggin’

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