Yes! I’ve been wearing my “YES WE DID!” shirt all day today and will continue to to so for the next week at school. Yeah my uni peers are totally jealous of my wikkid shirt. =)
I’ve been waiting a while for this to happen and it’s finally here! WOOHOO! I thought I’d celebrate with the first mixtape, of many many to follow, of acquiescetomusic!

Mixtape: 8 Songs for 8 Years

Mixtape: 8 Songs for 8 Years

8 Songs for 8 Years Playlist:

01 Lily Allen – Fuck You
This song will be on her upcoming album posed to released around early February called It’s Not You, It’s Me. *the Seinfeld episode of George being dumped by this line comes to mind* Anyways, this is a super catchy song, along with the other leaks to this album. And I think it’s a perfect song for the AU REVOIR! to the Bush Administration.

02 The Flaming Lips – Race For the Prize
The Flaming Lips are one of my all time favorite bands. Period. Every single LP/EP is flawless…even the Christmas one! I love Wayne and seeing them perform live is mesmorizing and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

03 Tribalistas – Ja Sei Namorar
I discovered the Tribalistas during my South America trip in the summer. Apparently, everyone in Brazil once or still owns thisCD in the 90’s and it’s easy to see why. I fell in love as I heard this being played in the car as we cruised down and around mountains, with clean white uncrackled sand beaches to my right and a new culture to discover to my left. The Tribalistas encompasses the vast complexities and visible adversities of Brazil into a comprehensible, simplistic, complimentary way of knowing this country, of understanding the culture and it’s people. I heart the Tribalistas.

04 D. Kay Epsilon ft. MC Stamina – Barcelona
D. Kay has gotta be one of my favorite D’n’B artists ever. He creates the smoothest rhythms. His albums are for lounging around, drinking a latte and reading a book, exploring the grass stained universe with your arms outstretched to feel the breezes through your fingers through your hair.

05 Sébastian Tellier – Divine
MMM Sexuality was one of my favorite releases of last year and was produced of one half of Daft Punk, Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo. Just from this alone there is an immediate understanding and expectation of what this album should sound like, should feeeel like. It definitely doesn’t disappoint and ‘Divine’ is one of my favorites on this album and one of the happiest songs I’ve heard in a long long while. =)

06 Goldfrapp – Happiness
Goldfrapp is Queen. Her life performances are jaw-dropping, eye shattering, and mind-blowing. Vocally she is flawless. One would think that she lip syncs because of this chord perfection but au contraire it is defs not the case. She is all real. And she is spectacular!

07 Kanye West – I Wonder
It’s Kanye. Do I need to say more? And I guess the title of the song is something that has been phrased many a time since Obama won the election…

08 Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
I love love love LA LA LA LA loooove Al Green. This is defs my favorites of his abundant collection of records. No other song makes me feeeeel soooo souuuulful like this song does. I can’t help but stand and jive, dance, sing, and groooooove baby. Ooooh yeah!

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