OOOO TTA!!! How I love thee!!! This Chicago based electronic group (Josh Eustis and Charlie Cooper of New Orleans) produces electronic music that isn’t for h-core dancing, raving, glow-sticking, yada yada yada. No no, it is ambient drone…meant for seemingly meaningless activities which hold underlying grandiose significations.

Cruising around the city, riding the bicycle to the park, sitting on the bench, staring at people in coffee shops, at a blank wall, at the dog taking a poo on that lamp-post. Our everyday proclivities seem simple, organized, uncomplicated, scheduled. They overshadow the subtle complexities, the minute spark and momentary chaos of the structures at work underneath. This is Telefon Tel Aviv. Their sound is ridiculously layered, so complex, so mechanical and technical in ways I didn’t think possible nor have been much exposed to. But the end product isn’t something as chaotic as one would think. It’s not overwhelming despite it’s rawness. Their first LP Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001) and second Map of What is Effortless (2004) truly stand by this definition. Five years later, the release of Immolate Yourself is quite different and shows a tremendous growth in sound. The production is still phenomenal, and the underlying tendencies are still there but TTA dabbles with some vocals sounding like a Junior Boys album on a higher BPM mixed in with some M83. It’s somehow poppier, deeper, and more lush than before. It’s a soundtrack to life. And I love it.

I give Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourself an 8.9 out of 10!

MP3: Telefon Tel Aviv – Fahrenheit Fair Enough (from the FFE 2001 LP)

MP3: Telefon Tel Aviv – Mostly Translucent

MP3: Telefon Tel Aviv – You Are the Worst Thing In the World

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