Who is that on stage…hmmm…oh yeah. PRINCE!!!!! (Best c’hella ever)

Coachella is pretty much my favorite time of the year…the ENTIRE year. After all my hard studying (at perfecting procrastination), working 20-25 hours a week, and not to mention extra stuff like chillin’ avec friends, alcoholism, seeing live shows, watching theatre, loving couchsurfing, and a whackload of other shit, the end of April not only signifies the end of term for me–and this year…GRADUATION!!! YAYYYYYY!–but also the 3 day mayhem of blessed heavenly live music delight of epic proportions——->>>Coachella!!!

I think Coachella is the best North American music festival there is. Sure there’s Bonnaroo, Lolla, SXSW, Pemberton (which debuted last year), Sasquatch, Bumbershoot, etc etc etc…Coachella is the most well-rounded music festival. It has a good array of indie and electronic, mixed with some folk, punk, garage, rock, and so on. The only thing I feel that it lacks is a comedy tent of some sort like Bumbershoot…but with the amount of scheduling conflict’s Coachella already has, a comedy tent addition would just be toooo agonizing. Don’t get me wrong, I la la la looove the other fests too…but Coachella is just my favorite. Epic. EPIC. Thoughts?

So I’m going to do several “features” of confirmed Coachella artists ’cause I think it’ll be fun to share. In these features, about half of them will be artists I know, love, willing to have their babies and therefore am SUPER STOKED to see, and the other half will be sharing my thoughts on bands I newly discovered and researched solely ’cause of the C’hella fest!

So the first artist is…

Hercules and Love Affair


No surprises here. For some odd reason their self titled debut album last year was a hit and miss with a lot of people. People just didn’t “get it”. The first time I heard H&LA on Pete Tong I was HOOKED. Not to mention it was the brilliant Frankie Knuckles remix of “Blind”. It is instrumental disco pop. Retro grooves designed to pierce your bones no matter how frigid to force some kind of butt shaking, hip wagging, fancy footworking, and an upward movement of your cheekbones into a raw, wide smile. It just sounds so DELICIOUSLY good. The bonus on this LP is the lending of Antony Hegarty’s–of Antony and the Johnson’s–entrancing voice.

Unfortunately, for most of H&LA’s tour last year, Antony was not able to accompany the crew. But that was ok. The substitutes as seen in the above picture, are Nomi Ruiz and Kim Ann Foxman. They fill in the vocals quite nicely, though I do prefer Antony’s. What they lack in vocals they make up for in spirit. They dance like it’s nobody’s business. I was fortunate enough to see them in Toronto and they ROCKED the house. By the end of the show everyone was nicely glossed in their own sweat and the room was fogged by our own music love making vapours.

Bonus about Coachella? Well, magical things happen. Not ONLY are H&LA gonna be there, but Antony and the Johnson’s–who just released The Crying Light–will be too! Rumor has it that Antony WILL be doing the vocals for H&LA’s show. OMFG I AM SO PUMPED!!!!


MP3: Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules’ Theme

MP3: Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

MP3: Hercules and Love Affair – Athene

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