I don’t remember which show this was…possibly Simian Mobile Disco? Who BTW are working on an album coming out in 2009!!! THIS IS THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!! =)

My favorite tent at Coachella, of the 5, that I can remember, is the Sahara Tent. Appropriately named, this tent is HOOOOOT like the desert sun not only because well, we are under the beating rays of the Coachella Valley sun, but also because this tent is THE party tent. The energy to dance for 12 hours straight is a prerequisite once entering because it goes NON STOP ALL NIGHT BABY. All genres and subgenres of electronic dance IDM 8-bit trance and so on are all performed in this tent. Tons of sweat, glowsticks, sunglasses, and dirty feet. Dancers on a copious amount of drugs, people not on drugs but drunk as hell, sober peeps dancing their life away, and all the in betweens. This tent GUARANTEES you a good time and a sore body, especially after 3 days (ooooh boy I had to rest for a week after coming home…). Plus, I love electronic music and where I’m from, not a lot of good acts come here. At all. So Coachella is a dream for me as I get to check off my list of artists/DJs to see.

So, continuing the momentum of my last post, the next artist goes by the name of…

Gui Boratto


Gui Boratto is from São Paulo, Brazil. I love Brazil. All the artists that I’ve heard coming out of this wonderful place, especially electronic, has never failed to amaze me. And since he is attending Coachella and recently released an album…I knock off two birds with one stone with this post! WOOHOO!


Boratto recently released a new album this year, Take My Breath Away with Kompakt, one of my favorite labels home to the likes of Andr Kraml, Justus Kohncke, Supermayer (Micheal Mayer), the Field, THE ORB, and boatloads more. Unlike many other album titles that wrongly suggest the quality inside the cover, cough Franz Ferdinand cough you could have it cough so much cough better, THIS album truly DOES take my breath away. Similar to his first debut album, Chromophobia in 2007, Boratto makes minimal house feel quite the opposite. The production on both LPs are fantastic, the beats, rhythms and hooks.  The production strips away the complexities but churns out a seemingly multifaceted composition. There are no minute subtleties, it’s all laid out on the table. But that’s the whole point of minimal. Less ends up being more.  Thing with Boratto is, is he doesn’t keep you in the dark the whole time like the Knife, Fever Ray, or Burial would. His minimal sound underlies each song but comes out feeling light-hearted, hopeful, catchy, and danceable. It’s a sound you keep coming back to for any ocassion because his music can take a variety of forms. There are no surprises on this LP, Boratto sticks with his signature sound. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I give Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away a 9.0 out of 10!

MP3: Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life (Chromophobia)

MP3: Gui Boratto – Mr. Decay (Chromophobia)

MP3: Gui Boratto – No Turning Back (TMBA)

MP3: Gui Boratto – Azzurra (TMBA)

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