Juiceboxxx delivers rhymes like dough at pizza hut. This is a dude from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is inspired by, as quoted on his myspace (click the pic), LEGENDS OF THE GAME, RADIO MIXSHOWS, OPEN HIGHWAYS, BASEMENT RAGERS, and REAL LIFE SITUATIONS.


He is nerdcore rap at it’s best. I remember while driving to the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle and having this CD playing. My friends and I were laughing our asses off at the lyrics, the delivery, the crazy white-boy-nerdiness of it all. Nerd and rap just aren’t things that you put together. And Weird Al doesn’t count because he is doing it for satire. JUICEBOXX IS FOR REALZ!!! After a few listens, I had a change of heart. I decided that I loved Juiceboxxx. That’s right. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed your looooooooooovin’ boyyyy! What do I have to doooooo, to maaaake you loooooove me?

He’s not your stereotypical misogynistic rapper, talkin’ ’bout hoes, moe money equals moe problems shit. It’s not about the Louie V, the Mercedes, or the Hennessey. It’s not about getting shot 9 times, or going to jail for doing something you did or didn’t commit. Yes, lots of rappers rap about real life situations involving the aforementioned. But the rappers that are considered to be storytellers, to be preachers of the game, like Nas or Lauryn Hill/Fugees who are legends of the game, usually don’t rap about these kinds of situations. And neither does Juiceboxxx. I’m not saying Juiceboxxx is like Nas in terms of status, ability, or content. No, not at all. But the general similarity here is that they don’t associate with same stereotypical stuff that you mostly hear on mainstream radio. Juiceboxxx brings something different to the underground culture. I think this small review at CDBABY (where you can purchase this LP) did a pretty good job describing Juiceboxxx in just three sentences:

It’s the sound of one dude trying to digest too many beats, save too many kids, and rock too many parties. If you don’t get it, fuck off! This obviously isn’t for you. This is for the thunder generation and these are the jams ready to shift your life into overdrive.

In no way is Milwaukee’s best a legend, but I sure think he’s becoming one, at least in my world. Soon we’ll all be singing along:

I’m dope so you don’t have to be
I’m not that attractive so you don’t have to see
to truly appreciate my rhymes
you can be deaf, dumb, or blind whateva
just as long as you find, I’m cleva
which I’m not but hopefully I can trick you

He released his debut LP back in ’05, RU There God? Itz Me, Juiceboxxx and it continues to be regularly looped on my mediaplayer. It is wikkid awesome. Buy it.

MP3: Juiceboxxx – Do U Want 2 Hear It?

MP3: Juiceboxxx – Righteous Rage

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