Junior Boys are a Canadian indie electronic pop band from Hamilton, Ontario consisting of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus. They’ve released Last Exit back in 2004 and the critically acclaimed, and IMO, one of the best Canadian albums of the decade, So This is Goodbye in 2006. Their sound is smooth, and ambient. It’s elegant rich pop and refurbished synths. Greenspan’s voice lulls you into a conscious sleep, it’s a voice that sooths the complexities of your day. It’s a voice for those late nights. Junior Boys is late night music. It is top floor sky scraper overlooking the night music. It is being a night rider with the windows down arms out fingers outstretched on empty yet vibrantly lit streets. The rhythms are mixtures of contemporary and 80’s that entrance and hypnotize you into that dream state where you’re still lucid but drifting off, conscious yet vulnerable, reflective yet dulled, calm yet anxious; x and y blur. The constant switching in these binaries of emotions reflect the astounding production of Junior Boys’ sound, where Greenspan’s ambient deep voice becomes indistinguishable in between the organized chaos of the beats, the synths, the opposing complexities. And although it seems that there would be some disconnect between the lines, there isn’t. The overall composition is overwhelmingly heartfelt, romantic, and real. Junior Boys’ upcoming release Begone Dull Care continues to…


…follow this formulaic sound except the sound feels more relaxed. It feels more like Last Exit to me. Begone Dull Care is inspired by the Scottish born Canadian animator and film director Norman McLaren. The LP itself is named after a short animated film McLaren made which won the Special Award in the Canadian Film Awards in 1950 along with many many subsequent awards.

McLaren was interested in Color-Music. He hand painted multi-hued abstractions onto film itself improvised with music in the background. In his short film “Begone Dull Care”, hand painted patterns are superimposed on film projections superimposed on jazz music by the famous Canadian jazz musician, Oscar Peterson. One can see that after watching this video and all other Norman McLaren videos, not only is Junior Boys’ Begone Dull Care inspired by McLaren, but  the entirety of Junior Boys music is as well. The animation is extraordinary. It melds together objective things–lines, drawings, shapes, geometry, with the subjective–colors, emotion, music, jazz into a vivid interpretation that can only be described as contemporary abstractionism. You see your feelings, you feel your sights.  You are pulled back into that state of blurred fluidity. It is no wonder that Junior Boys paid tribute to Norman McLaren, who in a way represent a modern-day interpretation of Color-Music.

I am super stoked for JB at C’hella. If their light show is anything representative of McLaren’s animations, we are in for a treat!

I give Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care a 8.9 out of 10!

MP3: Junior Boys – Hazel

MP3: Junior Boys – The Animator


Norman McLaren: Begone Dull Care
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Junior Boys – In the Morning (video done by Calvin Frederick in video contest which I think won…it is easy to see why!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.
MP3: Junior Boys – In the Morning

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