I really don’t think I need to do any introduction to one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time.

One issue I do have is how LOW PE is put on the Coachella poster!!! Third tier?!?!?!?! If anything they should be next to headlining or HEADLINING!!! But I guess the genres of scheduled bands around that time wouldn’t be too fluid.

But let’s not forget Pemberton! When Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard was like, “uh I think this is the only time in my life when I’ll get to say this…JAY-Z everybody!”…or something along those lines. I could totally see Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) or Kevin Shields (MBV) or EVEN CRAAAAZIER Robert Smith (the Cure) introducing PE! FLAVAAA FLAAAAAAV!

I had a really tough time choosing which songs to post…I really wish I could just post the entire greatest hits compilation which is pretty dece. But, I made tough decisions. Songs after the jump!

BASS IN YOUR FACE!atm-publicenemy02

MP3: Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out

MP3: Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome

MP3: Public Enemy – Public Enemy No. 1

MP3: Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours

MP3: Public Enemy – He Got Game

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