I felt it necessary to have their name in capitals in the title. Hopefully the capitals gave you an impression of their importance, of how much they stand out, of how much they ROCK. In the literal sense, and in the cool sense too.

I was studying today for a ridiculous amount of hours and you know when you’re just sick of everything on your music player even though you JUST put new stuff on it? I couldn’t really decide what to listen to and then my eye caught The Black Keys. I haven’t listened to them in a while and I was happily reminded of their fantastic ”08 release Attack and Release which had a nice cozy spot in my faves of that year as well as many other top 10 lists. So I pressed play. My day got significantly better ever since.


I was fortunate to see them at the Bumbershoot Festival in ’08 as shown by my blurry picture above. I wasn’t really aware of who they were at the time…I knew of the name, and I heard really great things but I just never got around to listening to them until after I saw this performance.

Just two guys. Patrick Carney on drums and Dan Auberach on guitar and vocals. From the first song until the end, one thing was clear: The Black Keys knew how to Rock and knew nothing else. Nothing else was on their agenda but to blow our minds with sweet guitar solos, heavy drums, blues inspired lyrics, and the combined spirit and energy equivalent of the sun compressed into two human beings making them capable of such magnificent soul warming sounds.

See for yourself. Rock + blues hasn’t sounded this good for a loooong time.

MP3: The Black Keys – I Got Mine

MP3: The Black Keys – Strange Times

MP3: The Black Keys – Same Old Thing

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