First time Radiohead performs at the Grammy’s…the 51st Grammy Awards–you used to be alright…what happened–is also the least outdated Grammy’s in a long long long while…I defs feel like Thom is a bit “dressed up” for the part…I think it’s the long hair and leather jacket that are throwing me off. Eh, whatever. I am super happy that the crowd acknowledged their greatness…BOW IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS!!! I wish they didn’t do 15 Step. House of Cards or Jigsaw would have blown everyone’s minds and converted everyone into RH followers for life…BWAAAJAJA.


EDIT: I wrote this before watching or reading anything about the Grammy’s…I only saw the list of performers set to be on stage and thought it was “in the times” After seeing the nominees and winners. I change my mind. Grammy’s are still outdated and honestly, Robert Plant for record of the year?!?!?!


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