Featured on the above photo are John Maclean and Nancy Whang, the lyrical masterminds behind The Juan Maclean’s soon to be released The Future Will Come. Finally. I have been waiting and waiting for what seems like an excruciating time in between his first release Less Than Human. Back in 2005. WOW four years. So it wasn’t all in my mind. It really was a long painful aching wait. Ho ho ho, the wait was worth it friends. The wait was worth it.


John Maclean was once the guitarist for the Sub Pop band Six Finger Satellite who mainly dabbled in the post punk synth pop kind of scene. James Murphy later joined the band as a sound engineer. Sadly, SFS had many problems and unmentionable issues and later disintegrated. During this time, Murphy and Maclean still kept in contact, and Murphy, founder of one of my favorite dance labels DFA Records (home to many artists who have shaped the genre: Hot Chip, Black Dice, Hercules and Love Affair, to name a few) and founder of LCD Soundsystem, urged Maclean to keep the beats coming.

And Maclean does exactly that. Maclean’s impressive debut Less Than Human isan 8-bit, synthpop, electronic dance hybrid. It’s pleasing to the ears and kept the shoulders bumping and feet shuffling. It’s no different with Maclean’s upcoming release The Future Will Come. Musical influences like Kraftwerk aka founder of electronic music (who isn’t influenced by Kraftwerk?!), Juan Atkins aka founder of techno music, and of course, James Murphy, truly shape Maclean’s sound into what he describes as being a “disco inflected Human League sounding record”. Plus, Nancy Whang’s (LCD Soundsystem vocalist) duets with Maclean brighten up this record tenfold. Nancy’s vibrant voice juxtaposed to Maclean’s playful deep tones is wonderfully inviting and  pulls on the ear strings of the listener and you can’t help but match your movements to the BPM.

In between the hiatus DFA did release an EP of “Happy House” a while back which definitely satiated my yearning thirst for some more of Maclean’s immaculately produced sound. “Happy House” is easily the best track on this record and it’s no wonder it is the last song. It is also the happiest and most buoyant track on the LP. I read a fanastic interview earlier which you can find here while you’re grooving to the genius that is the Juan Maclean. A sound so booming that Murphy called nicknamed it Death From Above.

I can feel your heart…it goes boom boom boom.

I give The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come a 8.9 out of 10!

MP3: The Juan Maclean – Happy House

MP3: The Juan Maclean – One Day

MP3: The Juan Maclean – Tonight

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