Women are a group from Calgary! I can’t think of any other group/artist that has come out of Calgary other than CvGaalen that has made this big of a jump into the music scene. Unsurprisingly, their self titled debut released last year was produced by CvGaalen over the course of four months. Women sounds like noise pop, experimental noise, shoegaze, and indie rock all rolled into one.


I’m reminded of so many artists when I listen to Women. Sometimes it feels like a rock version of the former Animal Collective albums–experimentally eerie yet light hearted, mixed with the abstractionism that is Black Dice, fused with the organized chaos of Battles, and lastly the crazy instrumentals of Holy Fuck on a bit of sedatives. Women push beyond these comparisons though and create music will be revisisted time and time again. Guitar waves that gush over you into the night, washing you of thoughts and proclivities. Riffs that hold your hand through a journey into the woods, where far away vocals and underlying bass provide fleeting light, giving hope in reaching the other side.

It was one of my faves of last year but I believe it was released late October on JagJaguwar (home to Bon Iver, Sunset Rubdown, Parts and Labor, etc etc GREATNESS!) so I predict this LP to be in the ‘09 lists for sure.

I give Women – Women an 8.5 out of 10!

MP3: Women – Sag Harbor Bridge

MP3: Women – Lawncare

MP3: Women – Shaking Hand

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