Phoenix are a French indie rock band. Thomas Mars (vocals), Deck D’arcy (bass), Christian , Mazzalai (guitar), and Laurent Brancowitz (guitar) all grew up together in Versailles…also home and culture to Air and Daft Punk. Interestingly, Brancowitz left Bangalter and de Homem-Christo (who later formed Daft Punk) to permanently join Phoenix. Thomas Mars is also the husband to Sophia Coppola and helped with the vocals on the infamous track “Playground Love” by Air. With such a great background and fantastic influences like these, it’s no wonder Phoenix is unremittingly successful in their soft indie post pop sound.  Their release of their 4th studio album is due late May this year entitled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Wow. Bow in the presence of greatness! They have just released a new single for all anxious ears to hear! After the jump!


I love Phoenix!!! I’ve been obsessed since the very beginning.  It’s interesting that they haven’t broken out very far past Europe. After United, Alphabetical, and It’s Never Been Like That it’s hard to keep from wanting more. But alas! Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is set to come out in May sometime. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting so long. Everyone of their albums are worth listening to and especially worth buying. Wow such an awesome album title and with that comes pretty high expectations. I have no fear though. This new track is simply fantastic and is reminiscent of the fast paced rockier Alphabetical fused with the soft honeymoon gems of United and It’s Never Been Like That.


MP3: Phoenix – 1901

Here’s a taste of their former albums too! =)

MP3 United: Phoenix – Too Young

MP3 Alphabetical: Phoenix – Everything is Everything

MP3 It’s Never Been Like That: Phoenix – Napoleon Says

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