Hmm not gonna lie. Not too impressed with this cover at all!!! But you know what, WHO CARES IT’S DEPECHE MODE!!! I could say a bit about Depeche Mode but definitely not as much as my friend G-tej who lives breathes eats and sleeps Depeche Mode. Yeah he’s an uber fan. So much so that he’s inspired me lately to get back into Depeche Mode…a band that I’ve had on hiatus on my media player. Their new single “Wrong” is a definite reason to re-enter the realm of Depeche Mode who prove they’ve still “got it” after 30 some years of making music. More after the jump!

Sounds Of The Universe, their twelfth compilation is out 4/17 in Germay, 4/20 internationally, and 4/21 in the US via Mute/EMI. Tour’s lined up, venues TBA:

07/24 – Toronto
07/25 – Montreal (YESSSS!!! I shall be here by then. WHO’S WITH ME?!)
07/28 – Washington, DC
07/31 – Boston
08/01 – Atlantic City
08/03 – New York
08/10 – Seattle
08/12 – San Francisco
08/14 – San Diego
08/16 – Los Angeles
08/17 – Los Angeles
08/20 – Santa Barbara
08/22 – Las Vegas
08/23 – Phoenix
08/25 – Salt Lake City
08/27 – Denver
08/29 – Dallas
08/30 – Houston
09/01 – Atlanta
09/04 – Tampa
09/05 – Ft. Lauderdale

“Wrong” is brilliant. Check out the video and MP3 release of the radio version below!

MP3: Depeche Mode – Wrong
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now THAT is how a video should be made. Wow. What do you think of the new single and video?
If you’re unsure as to where to start with Depeche Mode aka Depeche Mode Newbie…my gracious friend G-tej, the number one Depeche Mode fan, has compiled a list of works to start with! Enjoy!

As far as a casual DM listener would go, the best album is Violator and everything on there should be heard. As far as a true fan’s perspective, Black Celebration is their best album. The standout tracks are, Black Celebration, A Question of Time, Stripped, Here is the House, New Dress.
Some essential tracks/my favorite tracks (in chronological order):
New Life (speak and spell)
Photographic (speak and spell)
Tora! Tora! Tora! (speak and spell)

Leave in Silence (a broken frame)
See You (a broken frame)
The Sun & The Rainfall (a broken frame)

Pipeline (construction time again)
Everything Counts (construction time again)
Two Minute Warning (construction time again)
Shame (construction time again)
Told You So (construction time again)

Get The Balance Right (people are people)

Something To Do (some great reward)
Lie To Me (some great reward)
Somebody (some great reward)
Master And Servant (some great reward)
Blasphemous Rumours (some great reward)

Black Celebration (black celebration)
Fly On The Windscreen (black celebration)
A Question Of Lust (black celebration)
It Doesn’t Matter Two (black celebration)
A Question Of Time (black celebration)
Stripped (black celebration)
Here Is The House (black celebration)
New Dress (black celebration)

Never Let Me Down Again (music for the masses)
The Things You Said (music for the masses)
Strangelove (music for the masses)
Behind The Wheel (music for the masses)
I Want You Now (music for the masses)
Nothing (music for the masses)
Pimpf (music for the masses)

All of Violator
All of Songs of Faith and Devotion
All of Ultra

Dream On (exciter)
Freelove (exciter)
I Feel Loved (exciter)
The Dead of Night (exciter)

A Pain That I’m Used To (playing the angel)
John The Revelator (playing the angel)
Suffer Well (playing the angel)
The Sinner In Me (playing the angel)
Precious (playing the angel)
Lilian (playing the angel)

Wrong (sounds of the universe)

Happiest Girl
In Your Memory
But Not Tonight
Route 66 (beatmasters remix)
Sea of Sin
My Joy
Death’s Door
Only When I Lose Myself

Now if you just want a few albums to say to listen to, I guess it would be Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Violator and Ultra.

Thanks G-tej!

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