I’ve got love for Calvin Harris. Ever since I heard his infectious disco dance hit “Acceptable in the 80’s” on BBC’s Pete Tong one faithful day in 2007, I was hooked. I scrambled and scrambled trying to find more info, trying to find more music, and am supremely happy I did because I discovered his debut release I Created Disco which now holds a spot on my mahogany lined shelf of greatest albums along with my leather bound books. For SRS. Calvin Harris is finally back in the studio and gives us the new single “I’m Not Alone”. YES THAT’S RIGHT! CALVIN HARRIS IS BACK!!!


Calvin Harris released I Created Disco back in 2007, which IMO was one of the most pass-by-waver albums of that year in North America. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Despite lesser success in NA, Harris blew up in the UK/Europe with the help of BBC and with the releases of “The Girls” and “Merrymaking at My Place”–turning I Created Disco into a huuuuge hit. “Electroman” has been and is one of my favorite songs for the past few years. I Created Disco is a record I continually revisit to start the night off, to lighten my mood, to use as a substitute for caffeine, to dance. like. crazy!!!

I was oh so hoping for another LP to be released in 2008 but instead Mr. Harris spends some of his time producing for friends. He collaborates with Dizzee Rascal on “Dance Wiv Me” which goes on to win the 2009 NME Award for Best Dancefloor Filler. Harris also dishes out fantastic remixes of the Ting Tings, Cut Copy, Primal Scream, the Hours, the Mitchell Brothers, and Groove Armada.

One day, I was looking on Tong’s track listing a while back and noticed a NEW SONG by Calvin Harris. I MUST LISTEN TO THIS SHOW, I said to myself. After hearing it premiere for the first time I thought to myself, “what does this mean!?! Is Calvin Harris back?!” Yes. Yes he is. And he’s grown up.

Based on the new single “I’m Not Alone”, the disco pop is gone as are the retro grooves and high pitched synths. No more electro clashing thrashing or waving. If it weren’t for Harris’ telling voice you wouldn’t have KNOOOOWN it was him. Instead of Harris’  signature sound that is instantly spot-able in both his LPs, remixes, and collaborations, he moves away from high class electro-pop and instead turns towards a house-ier sound fused with very subtle soft trance elements. The keyboard bits keep the sound merry as Harris lightly coos “if I see a light flashing, does this mean I’m coming home…if I see a man waving, does this mean I’m not alone?” and are the closest elements of the “old” Harris we’ll get in this new single.

This sounds completely different but you know what? It’s brilliant! It’s gonna crush the dance floors and I see many many remixes of this to come. I wonder if his new album set to be released sometime this year will be completely different too…Either way, I have included many goodies below, with the new track, old tracks, and remixes! Enjoy and DO buy I Created Disco if you like what you hear! What do you think of Calvin Harris and the new single?

MP3: Calvin Harris – I”m Not Alone (Radio Edit)

MP3: Calvin Harris – Electro Man (ICD)

MP3: Calvin Harris – Acceptable in the 80’s (ICD)

MP3: The Mitchell Brothers – Michael Jackson (Calvin Harris Remix)

MP3: The Hours – See the Light (Calvin Harris Remix)

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