Asher Roth keeps it real. Having come from the ‘burbs his associated privilege is never slid under the doormat in his rhymes or lyrics.  He raps about Harry Potter: muggles, wizards, quidditch, witches, and snitches. He raps about eggs benedict aka eggs benny aka MY FAVORITE BREAKY EVER! He throws keg parties errr Sunday and therefore raps about parties, girls, and weed, not in any particular order, rather, all at once, as he experiences them I’m sure. You might mistake him for sounding uncannily like Eminem. For srs. This guy grew from just some dude in the small town of Morrisville, PA, to Asher the Rapper in college, to Asher Roth in the echelons of hip hop. The hip-hop elite like Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Kanye West, and Timbaland all endorse the dude and some have produced some of the tracks on his mixtape, the Greenhouse Effect, primarily put together by DJ Drama–DJ for T.I., and Don Cannon–who has produced tracks for Young Jeezy, Luda, Busta, Freeway, and 50 Cent.

Not bad for 23, huh?


I must admit, the first time I heard Asher’s material I thought it was Eminem . Not only do the voices match, but the rapping style somewhat does too. With clever bars and spitting styles, the comparison is easy to make with Eminem pre Encore. But, the differences are easy to discern too. Asher isn’t as “angry” as Eminem is. Asher doesn’t change who he is to parallel Eminem’s more edgy, raw, and belligerent take on rap. Rather, Asher takes the compliment and powers on with his own youthful style of rapping. Partnering up with DJ Drama and Don Cannon, Asher proves why he is  the next big up and coming rapper with the Greenhouse Effect Mixtape (2008).

Filled with samples ranging from John Mayer and Britney Spears to Timbaland, the GEM oozes with slick rhymes and plentiful pop culture rhetoric. The production credits on this are ridiculous. You’ve got Kanye, Timba, Andre 3000, Pharrell, Dr. Dre and more. As Lil’ Jon would say…WHAAAAAT?! Asher reminds me of Juiceboxxx without the thunder jams and nerdcore beats. He is straight up genuine and doesn’t put up the front of Mr. Conventional Rapper–black, hard knock life, more money more problems etc–but rather, raps about general every day exchanges which most people, more or less, relate to on a better level. On this issue, he states from Vibe:

“The first CD I ever bought was Dave Matthews Band’s ‘Crash’…That is how suburban I am…I finally got into hip hop in ’98 when I heard the Annie sample with Jay-Z….When I wrote my ‘A Millie’ freestyle, that was me listening to 10 years of hip hop and not relating to it at all. Like, damn I don’t sell coke. Damn, I don’t have cars or 25-inch rims. I don’t have guns…”

Oh, and let’s not forget about how he stepped into Jay-Z’s office and spat 150 bars on the spot…

“We went to Def Jam to go say what up to Shakir Stewart. He dug what was going on so he goes “Be right back.” Comes back in and says “Yo, Ima have you rap for one of my friends.” At the time I hadn’t a clue it would be Jay-Z, I definitely thought it was going to be a girl. They always have you rap for the girls to make sure they like it. Sure enough, walking down the hallway, took a hard right, straight into the boss’ office. That’s when the “Ohhh shit” turn around and walked out happened. A line…. “No motivation? Well fancy me that, man, I’ve got more goals than Gretzky stat. First one on my list is impress my dad and, at a close 2nd is have sex with Ashley Olsen, it’s far fetched but check my pulse and, as long as my heart beats second guessings far from the first thing, you should do when Asher Paul is on some, raw rugged and rough man these thoughts will cost em!”

…after which Jay-Z was like, “Ok! Ok…you’re nice” (taken from Suburban Kush). Nice?! Coming from HOVA himself, this is a pretty big compliment regardless. This guy has blown up in the past year, all the way from being featured on Kanye’s blog, to having his music being played at high status high profile high style and high class Paris Fashion shows on top of performing alongside Kid Cudi in Vegas. He’s only gonna get higher (and higher and higherrrrr).

So yeah, you can cop GEM for FREE here! Watch the “I Love College” video to be on Asher’s full length album Asleep in the Bread Aisle due April 21st. This video and more below!


MP3: Asher Roth – CANNON!!!

MP3: Asher Roth – Dey Know Asher

MP3: Asher Roth – The Lounge

MP3: Asher Roth – I Love College

MUTHFUCKAAA I’M CHIIIIILLL! Roth also does a song with Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” track. To be honest, any remix with the sampling of this song would be good ’cause it’s so effin’ sick. Err, I mean chill.

MP3: Asher Roth – A Milli (Lil’ Wayne Sample)

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