So today at 1AM here in Edmonton marked the time and day of the public sale for Michael Jackson in London. Of which there are 50 SHOWS now from the ORIGINAL 10 that were announced roughly a week ago. The pre-sale was two days ago. I had 4 friends help me get tickets to this because if I didn’t get tickets from the pre-sale it’s game over with the general public sale where I’d be competing with literally a billion people. Well the pre-sale was an epic fail for me. So, I had to compete with a billion people today AND not to mention an INCOMPETENT site which CRASHED immediately. You’d think that when the pre-sale crashes with significantly LESS people trying to get tickets, that Ticketmaster would be MORE prepared for 10x the volume of people trying to get tickets. Au contraire, mon frère. Au effin’ contraire.


Five friends and I prepare. We have the GMT clock going, the website ready to be refreshed. 60 seconds and it’s game time. Refr—CRASH. Couldn’t get anywhere. Couldn’t load anything!!! Good job Ticketmaster. Way to put 50 shows for a high demand artist on sale ALL AT THE SAME TIME! with no change in server capacity after having been pre-warned by the atrocious uproar you caused the previous two days. My emotions went from anger, frustration, depression–’cause at this point everything has probably sold out which means I’d have to resort to scalpers, then frustration, then apathy. Lame beans.

I already hate Ticketmaster for many reasons. Every time a huuuuge artist has a pre-sale and general public sale, their site often crashes, queues are long, and this hasn’t changed despite unrelenting backlash, Let’s not forget about those extra fees! Their convenience charges, the base charge for just using the site which is a monopoly anyways in the ticketing world, and tactics like marking up the ticket prices when they lower the convenience charge to make it seem like they’re screwing you over less.

OH AND LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT HOW THEIR AFFILIATE SITES ARE JUST SCALPER SITES. Remember Bruce Springsteen? Remember–ugh I hate to say it–Madonna? And now, possibly with Michael Jackson?! This Viagogo site is just plain fishy. “The Official Ticket Partner for Michael Jackson”. Right. More like the “Official Place For Fans to Go After Ticketmaster Didn’t Technically Sell Any Good Seats to Fans but Rather Moved them to an Official Ticket Partner Where Ticketmaster Makes Boatloads of Money off Your Näive and Sorry Ass”. Whether or not Michael Jackson and his people knew about this hasn’t really been exposed…but I’m guessing he did…but I could be wrong.

In Edmonton it’s possible to go through a non-scalping secondary sites for tickets. So, it’s not as bad because for those who know about Blackbyrd, Foosh, Megatunes, and Listen Records, tickets are for face + a convenience charge of ~$2. Sometimes I’ve saved over $5-10 dollars going through the independent stores rather than resorting to Ticketmaster.

But let me just say that I recognize my privilege in being lucky enough to even have the opportunity to buy tickets to a show such as this, to cross oceans and prairies, and even to have this blog to rant about “trifling” issues such as Ticketmaster! I know many individuals may not and do not have these kinds of opportunities for various reasons. So, I’m grateful for even the chance. And to be clear, this post (or any of my other posts for that matter) isn’t written in ignorance of this acknowledgment.

So, did I manage to get tickets in the end? No. An hour later was how long I tried and decided to give up. However, a friend in the UK was successful so, I guess I’m going to see Michael Jackson! Though I think after the process, I am feeling more cynical than excited. Sort of like how Chris feels about the whole situation: when Ticketmaster wins, we’re all losers.

Have you ever been ripped off or had a bad experience with Ticketmaster?

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