The 2nd Annual Roots Picnic.
Jesus. Small set list but the magnitude of the performers is staaaaadium status!!!! I have yet to see the Roots live. I have been waiting for so. long. Them being on Jimmy Fallon doesn’t count. Sometimes I wish it was just the Roots on Late Night with…the Roots! or ?uestlove! But nope, Jimmy shows up errrday. Good for him. He’s doing a good job taking over the shoes of giants that’s for sure.

Anyways, back to this. Y’all don’t NEED to know how much I love Public Enemy. DO BELIEVE THE HYPE. They are effin’ amazing. And my Coachella prospects aren’t lookin’ too good this year…my main group to see was PE. Best part of this picnic? They are performing their legendary album It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back backed by the Roots and Antibalas. YOU HEARD ME. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! The other enlistees are pretty rad too. Santigold! Black Keys AND TVOTR! Asher Roth too!. What an awesome picnic. I needs to get me a ticket. You know what else? Tix are only fifty bucks! What a deal!!! *pretends to be target lady on SNL* Buy your tickets here.

I leave you with this INCREDIBLE performance of “Bring the Noise” by PE on Jimmy Fallon. The Roots funked with the original and it’s more instrumental and awesome than ever. BRING THE NOISE!!! YEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOEEEEE!

P.S. It was Flav’s birthday!

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