Hey y’all! Unforts I was unable to make SXSW but my friend Miyuru, an up and coming DJ here in Edmonton that has residency at the Starlite Room for Surely Temple Thursdays is making me uber jealous by being there. Good thing he’s agreed to give me (us) some updates on his shows/experience day to day! Woooohoo!

Tuesday: Too Many Parties–Kid Sister + Flosstradamus

Today I landed in San Antonio and got a ride to Austin and the first thing we did was pick up our badges and badges for the PureVolume party. Then we hit the Art Disaster party which was starting to fill up as they were giving out free vodka and screen-printing t-shirts on the fly for everyone. I saw the Minx Disaster or something like that, a local band from Austin which seemed to have a following judging from the crowd. Looking at the lineup there’s no band named that but I swear that’s what they said!  Shunda K of Yo! Majesty was there between acts too as well with an insane dancer. After that we decided to hit the Rock You (sp?) party, where we caught Kid Sister and Flosstradamus absolutely kill it! With her album coming out real soon, there was a lot of new material to be heard starting with the new single “Get Fresh”. The track that stuck out the most was a new one produced by Yuksek (!), which makes me wonder who else contributed to the album. Datarock was playing afterwards but we decided to split to hit the PureVolume party for free beers.

PureVolume was hit and miss. When we got there it was obviously rather packed and all the free cold beer was gone, so we had to drink free warm beer. But free’s free so it’s all good! Hitting the dance floor, the DJ was a mess. I get the feeling he’s the kind of person who’s made a name for himself as a promoter or something in Austin and is forced to DJ as well, or brought that upon himself. Or maybe he was just forced to use vinyl that night but had never used it before, I dunno. Props for having the balls to do it though! Thankfully, Flosstradamus showed up to save the day, but their laptop died after about 20 minutes!! But then Franki Chan showed up and kept the night going well into the morning! It was a blast but the floor started to empty around 4 AM so I decided to head home.

Today (Wednesday) we’re going to hit start the day by hitting Rachel Ray’s party. Free food and mojitos, I can’t complain!

Check out for pics, I’m rolling with their crew and they’re handling all the photos/recordings.

I am super stoked for Kid Sister’s debut album Dream Date! I don’t have a concrete date for the release…but you might be familiar with her hit single “Pro Nails” with Kanye West that’s been around for a year or so now and has been remixed several times…One of which was by Rusko, a dubstep specialist. He killed it!

And check out her wikkid new single below!

MP3: Kid Sister – Get Fresh

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