Hey y’all! Unforts I was unable to make SXSW but my friend Miyuru, an up and coming DJ here in Edmonton that has residency at the Starlite Room for Surely Temple Thursdays is making me uber jealous by being there. Good thing he’s agreed to give me (us) some updates on his shows/experience day to day! Woooohoo!

Wednesday: This has to have been the worst day of SXSW ever!

Our day started off a little late and we ditched out on Rachel Ray’s party, meaning no free food or free drinks, I guess I’d rather sleep in. Instead, we hit Maggie Mae’s to see Yelle. Like a lot of the venues here in Austin, Maggie Mae’s is really really awesome. From the street it looks like any other unsuspecting bar, but once you’re inside you start to realise how big it is – 3 stages in fact (one on the ground level, one on the second floor, and a third on the rooftop). The vibe here is amazing as most venues literally pour out onto the streets so onlookers can enjoy the shows just as much as anyone else.

Yelle was ridiculous and dazzled the crowd with her fierce energy and oh-so-cute French accent! I love watching her and I’m glad I caught her because I missed her at Coachella. No new material in her set, and it still ends with A Cause Des Garcons which turns into the Tepr remix, all live, which is really cool and a hell of a dance party.


Following Yelle my memory starts to get a little dreary. We headed to the convention centre to meet up with some folks and were sidetracked by an open bar sponsored by Sierra Mist. This was probably my favorite open bar so far, because they had set it up with really comfy stools and pillows everywhere, with a recharge station for your phone or laptop. And the drinks were killer too!

To follow-up on that, we headed to the Fader Fort for more free beers. Wait, there were bands there?

After Fader, the night started to go to crap! First off, because of Fader I missed out on Steed Lord, who preceeded Boys Noize. Hopefully I’ll catch them later in the week as they’re playing more shows.

ANYWAY – Boys Noize. I’m a big fan and I spin a lot of his tracks, and I’ve seen him perform at Coachella. He’s actually a skilled DJ, unlike tons of producers who are forced to DJ to perform (see next paragraph!). But, I guess last night just wasn’t his night, his performance was really hurting. He knew it too, when the show started BN was really into it but as it got worse and worse even BN seemed to feel uninterested. I was pretty disappointed but hey, everyone has an off-night.

Next was Miami Horror who were playing just down the way at Rusty Spurs. I liked the venue, namely because nobody was there! Honestly, when the Horror stepped up to the stage, the floor was empty but it filled pretty quick *phew*. I really wanted to catch the Horror because I love their production and just the overall vibe their music gives, it’s like an amalgamation of Daft Punk meets the Beach Boys almost. And I’ve always been a huge fan of their remix of “Music Sounds Better With You”.

Unfortunately, they were just performing a DJ set and not live. It was obvious to me that they’re relatively new to DJing as well, making a lot of amateur mistakes with the beats falling out of sync and so forth. They didn’t look very comfortable on stage and didn’t ever address the crowd. The crowd was super-forgiving though and loved the song selection, which was mostly the Horror’s own tracks. The only track I remember not being their own was a Lykke Li remix (Fred Falke remix I believe), but I’m sure there were more.

After the Horror, I headed to the Speakeasy to check out Cobra Krames. I felt really bad, because the Speakeasy is divided into the Speakeasy and the Speakeasy Kabaret where Cobra was playing. The regular Speakeasy was pretty full, I’m not sure what band was playing but the crowd was going nuts. Venturing past that, you enter the Kabaret which was practically empty. I think I was the only person who showed up to hear Cobra Krames đŸ˜¦ I loved it though, it was refreshing to hear some B-More and booty bass hahaha. I could never spin a whole set of that stuff though.

At this point, it was 12:45 AM and Booka Shade was going to take the stage at La Zona Rosa which is a larger venue and from what I’ve heard sort of blows compared to the smaller bar scene. So instead I opted to check out Calvin Harris

who I’ve never seen perform, though tonight it would just be a DJ set. Around 1:30, the venue announced that he had cancelled, even though he was supposed to be on at 1 AM. Great.At this time, it was way too late to make Booka Shade either, and so here is where my night ends.

Today (Thursday) looks a lot better! I’m going to check out a couple panels at the convention centre today; Quincy Jones is the keynote speaker. There’s an interview with Amanda Blank as well which would be cool. Later at night IHEARTCOMIX is throwing a huge showcase at Beauty Bar (both stages) which I’d love to check out. I was there for their showcase at CMJ which was one of the funnest times of my life, mostly because they moved the stage show onto the dancefloor as not enough people came to really fill the venue. Despite the turnout back then they threw the party of CMJ in my mind (though, I missed Fool’s Gold because of Fader, you can probably guess why).

After IHEARTCOMIX I’m definitely going to hit the Fool’s Gold afterhours party tonight, and thankfully Mehdi is playing it! Special guests are on the bill but I don’t know who they could be. My guesses would be (based on who’s here at SXSW) are Franki Chan, Boys Noize, Tittsworth & Ayres, or Diplo. I guess we’ll find out tonight.

Other notables today include K’naan, Rye Rye, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Kid Cudi, 8ball and MJG (!), BEAST, N.A.S.A., Little Boots, Datarock, Busdriver, Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek) and a zillion other artists I probably won’t make tonight!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Still so jealous. I wish SXSW wasn’t in March when all the papers and exams are coming up. Horrible time. SXSW in many ways IIIIS so much better than Coachella. Damn. K’naan would be amazing. I’ve told Miyuru to NOT MISS OUT ON BEAST. Beast is probably the best show I’ve seen this year.Check these out! As well as the links I provided for the artists, some I’ve already covered, so I haven’t, but all faaaaantastic!

MP3: Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her

MP3: Yelle – Ă€ Cause des Garçons (TEPR Remix)