Ok guys the updates will be much more sparse in the next 4 weeks. My final exams are coming up and after that, I am as free as a bird for I have graduated! Anyways, a cool band I’ve been listening to lately (thanks Natalie!) is The Ropes. I watched their “Kitty Get Down” video and was hooked! I immediately bought their Be My Gun EP which was recently released, as well as their freshman EPs Cry to the Beat. They are a NYC based duo that consists of Sharon Shy (vocals/bass) and Toppy (drums/guitar). The Ropes are inspired by water and headphones. Water and headphones, they say, are all they need, water and headphones, are their staples.


Their music is true to the rock sound, a sound, I feel, that has been downplayed in the midst of the indie era. Sharon Shy’s engaging voice breaks out lyrics that nearly everyone can relate to at least one point in their lives. The lyrics are emotionally entrenching and blatantly depressing, at times, even emo. These characteristics are often paired with teen angsty bands but the Ropes don’t necessarily cater to this demographic. As declared by their website: The Ropes are here to end the party. What they do for fun reminds them they are not one of us. Happiness is nothing but a flirt. They stand for nothing we’d understand. Their music bring out this ambiance of isolation and thoughts of self-mutilation, both physical and mental. But if you listen close enough, there is hope outside of all of the brooding lyrics and wailing song structure with songs like “Kitty Get Down”, a courage metaphor.

After realizing that everyone else is also hiding and climbing their own metaphorical trees, Kitty finds the strength to get down and face fears. This is the only choice because if Kitty doesn’t make the change, no one else will. If you are like Kitty, maybe it’s time to get down.

Is happiness really a flirt when listneing to the Ropes? I think not. Buy their music here.

MP3: The Ropes – Be My Gun

MP3: The Ropes – I Don’t Like To Get Dirty

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