It’s no secret that Bradford Cox, head man of Atlas Sound, is a genius. That’s right, a genius. Over the years, Deerhunter was created with the help of his friend Lockett Pundt, who is the dude behind the more recent Lotus Plaza. The bands release of Cryptograms and the Fluorescent Grey EP back in 2007 rocket launched their names into the musicoblogosphere, bringing the indie music scene with a post-punk contemporary psychedelic ambient sound, a perfect blend of both Cox and Pundt’s individual efforts.

Deerhunter releases their latest effort after last years Microcastle, an album that was incessantly blogged about and appeared in many year end Top 10 lists. An album that brought us gems like “Never Stops”, “Agoraphobia”, and “Nothing Ever Happens”. Their new release on to come June 9th, Rainwater Cassette Exchange, is a five song EP that…effin’ rules! More after the jump!

atm-deerhunter rainwater cassette exchange

This EP is absolutely beautiful. Deerhunter changes it up with Hawaiian/Carribbean infused string melodies with songs like “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” and my personal favorite “A Game of Diamonds”. As quoted in their blog, “to achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance”. This EP is exactly that. Experimental music usually never is labeled as elegant. Normally when I think of experimental I think of noise. But, Deerhunter is elegant. Their music is like the Telefon Tel Aviv of experimental. Deerhunter experiments with drums, percussion, string instruments, the electronic, to put together three minutes of psychedelic shoegaze rock that ends up being ambient, relaxing, and pleasurable to the ears. Imagine Woods infused with Neon Indian and then injected with Prozac (the drug, not the long lost Canadian pop group). “Circulation” is the true hero of this EP. It’s progressive, phantasmal, and is a true representation of what good effin’ music sounds like. I am so freakin’ excited to see these guys at Lolla.


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MP3: Deerhunter – Game of Diamonds

MP3: Deerhunter – Agoraphobia (from Microcastles)

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