Hi all, I am now in Montreal! HOORAAAH! But am looking for a place to move to since well, I can’t stay at my friends forever tee hee. I’ve been meaning to do so many updates but as usual my alter obsession for film and tv have taken up my blogging time. I LOVE the Big Bang Theory. Does anyone else watch this? It’s a great show filled with nerd humor. En tout cas, I’ll be taking another hiatus until I can get properly settled in.

Things I plan on updating you guys on:

Zee Avi, Ebrahim, Klaus & Kinski, Flunk, Trickform, and a bunch of others in probably another JAM PACKED!

Festival coverage; I am going to BONNAROO, BITCHES! and after that, the Montreal Jazz Festival (the best jazz festival/festival ever).

Live shows;  Phoenx, The Field/Juan Maclean, No Doubt, and a shitload of other stuff.

I have so much to cover!!! So stay tuned!

I shall leave you with a song that took me FOREVER to find, probably an hour or so jaj. It’s this old school Mexican rock band that ruled the nation in the sixties, called Los Dug Dug’s. Enjoy!

MP3: Los Dug Dug’s – Yo No Se

P.S. if anyone has ANY Los Dug Dug’s stuff they’d like to pass my way that’d be great! Finding their stuff is so damn difficult!

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