I originally wasn’t going to go to this concert because Santigold is playing at the Bonnaroo Festival next week. But, I looked at the B’roo Festival schedule and realised that Santigold, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear and a few others were ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Ugh, I hate conflicts. AND yesterday night Santigold, Grizzly Bear, AND Sarah Slean were all playing, but at different venues, of course. So I had to do some researching and sacrificing and decided to watch Santigold in Montreal, YYYs at B’roo, and catch Grizzly Bear at Lolla.

How do I afford all this? Well…I don’t eat. Ever. More after the jump.

Live in Show: Santigold (Amanda Blank/Spank Rock/Trouble Andrew)
@ the Metropolis (Montréal)

atm-amanda blank and spank rock

Alright let’s start this off! It was at the Metropolis, which is one of the better venues of Montréal and holds about 2-3000 peeps. I’ve been informed that the two great venues of this city are Metropolis and Club Soda. The latter I’ve been to for Girl Talk a while back, and that show was RIDICULOUS. En tout cas, the crowd and the sound was great.

Anyways, I got there late and to be honest, I never watch openers but this was an exception. I wanted to skip Trouble Andrew who I assumed was first (NEVER ASSUME) and he wasn’t, so yeah I only saw two songs by Spank Rock and Amanda Blank and that totally sucks ’cause they’re amazing live. I remember the energy from Coachella two years back and in such a small venue when I walked in the crowd was already riled up and ready to go. The song they ended their show with, is a song off of Bangers and Cash EP released back in 2007. I am really sad to have missed the whole thing. As Jack Bauer would say, “DAMNIT”!

MP3: Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank – Loose

So we waited about 30 minutes for Trouble Andrew to come on and from what I heard on myspace, it wasn’t that great. That’s why I wanted to skip him, and plus I just never go to the openers ’cause I HAAATE waiting for the main act to come on. From the first three songs I just wasn’t feeling it. Trouble Andrew was definitely into it and having fun with his hips asway. Then, he performed “Run, Hide” featuring Diplo, “Dream On”, and “Uh Oh” which really changed the the feel of the performance and really struck me and I think after these songs the show got significantly better. So, contrary to how these things normally work, the openers were pretty sweet, including this ugly duckling that I wanted to put aside!

MP3: Trouble Andrew ft. Diplo – Run, Hide

Video: Trouble Andrew – Dream On

atm-santigold performance

We literally waited nearly 45-60 minutes for Santigold to come on. And I know that waiting is all part of the show, but you can’t leave fans waiting an hour! She started quarter past eleven and the show ended around midnight, so she didn’t even play a whole hour. I think that’s a bit too much considering we waited a whole hour! Unnecessary.

But, when she did come on, she was STRAIGHT FIRE. Dressed in a sparkling green suit and flowered top, big gold earrings and a smile that kills, she made sure the wait was worth it. She started with “You’ll Find A Way”.

The energy continued as she went into “L.E.S. Artistes” and the crowd went nuts. The thing that surprised me most about Santigold is how AMAZING her voice is live. I just didn’t expect her to deliver so well and I have no idea why and I will NEVER doubt her again. She sounds BETTER live than in a recording studio. When she performs, she’s always smiling. It reminds me of Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. You KNOW she’s having a blast and she’s irrefutably cute, trying to speak French when she can. Asking us how to say things. Always saying “merci beaucoup” to us. She’s in constant interaction with us and that’s what performers should do, she made us feel like we were her homies for a night and it was great. She’s having such a fucking awesome time and the aesthetics of the show are unforgettable. With two dancers dressed in gold blazers and hipster shades flanking her sides, she delivered the rhymes while the girls delivered the moves. These dancers are INCREDIBLE. Like good actresses they kept their cool the entire time, never smiling when they weren’t supposed to, actually not smiling at all, and the dancing was off the hook, synchronized, and technical giving the show a more rounded choreographed feel.

Without a second to miss, she moves into “Say Aha”, and “Lights Out”. She goes into a ramble about how her first time in Montréal was opening for Björk. She had a lot of technical difficulties this first time and ended up acapelling it. She is a souuuulja! This time, definitely no technical difficulties. She tells us she’s gonna sing about where she lives, and goes into “Shove It”. Before you know it, Spank Rock is on stage and she’s going nuts, we’re going nuts, Metropolis appears to be shaking on top of the earth itself. Right after “Shove It”, the two flanking dancers break their form and start Soulja Boyin’ and at first I thought they were gonna do a cover of “Crank That”, but ended up covering “Turn My Swag On”, which is an equally awesome song. Santigold, her dancers, her keyboardists and percussionists, and Spank Rock just dropped all their shit on stage. Dancing as if it was a timeless world and the club would be open forever, this was one of the most memorable moments of the night for me.

After that mayhem, she goes into “Unstoppable” and Amanda Blank and Trouble Andrew joins her for “I’m A Lady”, the version heard off of Santigold and Diplo’s Top Ranking released nearly a year ago.

Santigold tells us she wants to try something for the first time. “Does anyone like the Cure?!” she screams at us, and a few nodding heads and cheerful platitudes are yelled and she and her dancers rock out to “Killing An Arab”. At the end, she puts her hands up and cries, “Yes!” It was a great cover!

Now she pulls an M.I.A. and calls a few of the crowd to come on stage and tells them to SHAKE IT, as the opening beats to “Creator” come on. Such a great performance but it was sad to see than 95% of the girls that got chosen danced like total sluts and strippers. It’s not impressive when you’re on stage with Santigold—who doesn’t dance that way and actually showed her distaste for how one of the girls was dressed, and her dancers, who are GREAT dancers BTW—and your only dance moves happen to be very sexual ones. Not that that isn’t considered dancing, nor is it necessarily a bad thing, but c’mon, really? These girls were practically selling themselves on stage and it was a sad sight to see indeed. But, there were two girls on stage who were FANTASSSTIC and I turned to watch them instead.

She decided to end the night with “Starstruck”, a much slower song and definitely not a conventional ending to a show where you wanna leave your fans drenched in sweat, regret-less, and fully appreciative of their tiresome legs. Good thing they didn’t make us wait very long for an encore! Amanda Blank and Spank Rock came back on stage and Santigold joined them all in a rendition of “B.O.O.T.A.Y.”, a song on the Bangers and Cash EP Spank Rock released a few years ago. THEY KILLLLLLLLED IT!!! And I just have to add that Amanda Blank is my new crush. She has a new album out BTW!

So yeah, bam the show was done in under an hour. And was I pissed about waiting so long anymore? Not at all. I completely forgot about it because Santigold was ice cold cool. Amanda Blank and Spank Rock as accompaniments guarantees a pretty rad show me thinks. Santigold was so good I’m considering skipping YYY’s just to see her again. Yup, she delivered and I’m sure everyone that walked out of that show were extremely happy and satisfied. Tellement wikkid. So, I leave you guys with the MP3s and video coverage found above, as well as one of my fave songs “Anne”, and my fave remix which can be found on Top Ranking.

MP3: Santogold Feat. Movado – L.E.S. Artistes (XXXchange Mix)

MP3: Santogold – Anne

Buy Amanda Blank’s work here.
Buy Spank Rock’s work here.
Buy Trouble Andrew’s work here.
Buy Santigold’s stuff here.

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