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Alright y’all. In two days time I am roadtrippin’ down to Manchester, TN to check out this year’s BONNAROO FESTIVAL! What. UP?!?!?! The lineup this year, admittedly, is not as good as previous years, in my opinion. But to be honest, the REAL reason in me going…is to see the one and only PUBLIC ENEMY. I was supposed to have seen that at Coachella but final exams and tight fitting flight schedules made it not nearly impossible but impossibly expensive for me to make the trip down to Palm Springs this year. So, now that I have moved to the east and the drive to Manchester is a mere 20+ some hour drive, Public Enemy, as well as many other groups, are going to feed my hungry ears! MMHMMM!

I will be missing Thursday ’cause it’s noooot that great so I’ll post my (tentative) schedule for the next three days as well as some quick thoughts on some of ’em! I don’t think I’ll be able to make day by day posts ’cause I won’t be bringing my laptop but expect a massive update after I get back in a weeks time! Is anyone else going? What bands are you excited for?!?!


Obviously, I am most excited for Public Enemy. Amongst my top sees this fest, are Zee Avi, YYY’s, Erykah Badu, Andrew Bird, Rodrigo y Gabriela, etc. I’m iffy about Paul Oakenfold over Girl Talk. I’ve seen Girl Talk twice now and each time has been amazing and the first time, actually, was in Montréal! I’ve never seen Paul Oakenfold and used to be a big fan years and years ago when he was (and I guess still is) quite popular on the BBC but didn’t quite yet hit mainstream. But, I figure I’d give him a chance.

As for MGMT, I was FRONT row for them at Coachella last year and was expecting an AMAZZZING performance but they fell so SO so so SO flat on their faces. They just played their instruments and they just sang. There was nothing to their performance. I didn’t feel a thing. They effin’ sucked that’s for sure. I figured after Nine Inch Nails I can watch whatever was left and see if a year of being one of the most over hyped bands has made them grow onto the stage at all.

And Nine Inch Nails, to be honest, the only real song of theirs that I do know is “Closer”. But I think I will be pleasantly surprised when I see them. They have a huge fan base and obv very successful so I’m excited for that. And PHISH?!?! I don’t think I know a song of theirs by heart at all…but maybe I’d recognize a few of their hits if I heard ’em. They’re playing two nights so they must be some kinda big deal, non? Ah, we’ll see.

What I do like about the B’roo schedule is that they make sure that the headliners are playing when practically no one else is. I guess this can be a bad thing ’cause if you don’t like the band you go home or you just watch, but usually headlining bands everyone wants to make. Like all the headliners at Coachella, I knew a lot of tents were defs empty except for the Sahara and mainstage. All in all, I am pretty stoked for this. I am a B’roo virgin…but not for long, folks!

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