atm-michael jackson art

I still can’t believe this. I found out this morning and waited until now for this news to sink in. For many of all generations, this man has affected us all in ways we may or may not even know about. He will always be the King of Pop. Always. He changed music and music video production forever—not to mention, he changed what it means to perform and to put on a live show. He changed the way people danced, the way people moved, and inspired us all in all that he did. He was supposed to grace the stage one last time this summer and I’m sad that our opportunity to become re-inspired by the power of music and witness what music is really about, has been lost. Though the man is no longer here, it doesn’t change much does it? We will continue to listen to his albums with a fever to dance. We will continue to have a hunger to put on a white glove, fedora, and black polished shoes to imitate a legend in our own homes, on the streets, and even in prisons. And we will continue to be inspired by him. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. Thank you for all you gave us. We will miss you, ‘though you won’t really be gone.

I leave you guys with two of my favorite songs off of his 1997 album, Blood on the Dance Floor.

MP3: Michael Jackson – Blood On The Dance Floor

MP3: Michael Jackson – Morphine

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