yay-eye, photo courtesy of yay! everyday! link can be found on the side!
I’ve been meaning to share these videos for quite some time now, especially the “Devoid of Yesterday” video, which is one of the sickest videos I’ve seen next to the Phillips Carousel video this year. Though it is an old video, apparently it is the first of it’s kind where it is a still photograph and motionography got done ONTO it. My friend who is a motion graphics designer said that this video changed a lot in the industry. I can definitely see why. This and few more stop motion videos below! Enjoy!

Video #1: Devoid of Yesterday; Directors: Rob Chui, Chris James Hewitt, Ben Lukas Boysen

To see a better version go to the original website here.

Video #2: DEADLINE; Director Bang Yao Liu

Video #3: TXT Island; Director: Chris Gavin

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