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I. Am. Back! My place is finally finished in terms of painting. One of my walls is electric orange aka awesome orange aka the happiest color ever. And it makes me smile and I zone out sometimes in bliss just staring at my perfect wall…aaah…oh…right. The news!

So Osheaga is upon us…yet another festival here in MTL which boasts headliners such as Coldplay, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Roots from the 30th until the 2nd of August. Beastie Boys was one of the headliners but you folks don’t need me to tell you the bad news ’cause I’m guessing you’ve already heard it…or seen it. Some bands that I would like to see the most are the Rural Alberta Advantage (review to come soon), The Roots (of course), and MTL’s own, Misteur Valaire (a band I attempted to see a few weeks ago but got the address wrong! Damnit!). But, Osheaga tickets are ludicrously expensive compared to other festivals and the whole quantity versus quality ratio. I am going to be a concert chicken, as I normally am, to see if I can score tickets…but I don’t really know if it’s worth it seeing as there are waaaaay too many conflicts because I am doing a full coverage of MEG MONTREAL!!!

It is pretty much the cooler, hipper, and more danceable part of Osheaga…kind of like a mini Sahara Tent if you will…and yes, I will be going to all the shows. Have I rested up from my Flying Lotus and my MJF crazinesss…a bit. But MEG is gonna be awesome. Watch the trailer below and go after the jump to see the lineup and schedule!

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yay-LANDING 09-kropilak

So the last and final night hosted the great Ben Harper. Ben who? Yeah, so shoot me. I have never listened to any of Ben Harper’s stuff and while I may recognize some of his songs if you played them for me, I wouldn’t care enough to go any further than that. But, this was the last day of MJF, the last notable performance, and thus, I have to finish what I started twelve whole days ago.

While the crowd was nothing compared to the 200 000+ crowd that gathered for Stevie Wonder, Ben Harper had a notable audience. Though, like me, I’m sure, many were bored after 20-30 minutes of their music. Nothing crazy entertaining, and Ben Harper and crew didn’t even say anything to us during this time at all…as if we didn’t even exist. Sure, some artists tend to not have any interaction at all, but playing a massive festival such as this to at least 100 000 people…talk to us, man! So my friends and I left. Yes, that’s right we left. And how I know that this show wasn’t appealing to the majority was the fact that I was able to get out back onto the main open roads fast. People were leaving left and right. It could have been the rain–but we festival goers hang it tough and are prepared for such unwelcomed weather–so I’m pretty sure it was the music.

Regardless, I am sooo happy about the festival this year and not at all sad to see the closer suck because to be honest, I was soooooooooo tired. Anyways, after the jump for the Best Ofs for the MJF!!!

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GAAAAAAAAAAAH I am so stoked today! It is the second last day of the festival! It is POURING rain outside. Hopefully it clears up a bit before…BEIRUT! HOOOORAAH! I am hoping it ends early enough because after I am jetting off to Club Lambi to see the one and only, FLYING LOTUS! Oh what a day what a day!

BEIRUT IS SOLD OUT. And people are selling the tickets which are orginally $30 for $100 on craigslist! For. Shame.
FLYING LOTUS IS NOT! $15 AT THE DOOR! See you there?

Edit 14 07 09: I know, I’m horrible. It’s uh…been a few days since this concert…BUT I have a valid excuse! I am painting my room and am plastering and priming and all that jazz…and I have been using my laptop and speakers as a form of music in my new place…Hence no laptop here where I’m currently living. I PROMISE. Yes that’s right readers, I am promising a deadline to you. By Saturday I will have the recap of Beirut (incredible!), Flying Lotus (inspiring, and it killed me), and Ben Harper (boooooring), as well as my Best awards for the 12 day fest! Enjoy my previous posts and I shall see you on Saturday! =)

Edit 20 07 09: The post still isn’t updated. Ok, so I am officially a liar. I knoooooooow I promised Saturday but gaaah I have good excuses. Still painting my room, Fantasia (I watched three movies in ONE day today, I WAS IN THE THEATRE FOR 8 HOURS…),  and not being in my new apartment where my computer is makes it pretty tough for me to do updates since I don’t have the music or pics I wanna share…So I won’t make another promise that I can’t keep BUT I will say that once this post is updated (hopefully at least by the end of this week), lots of goodies will be floating your guys’ way!


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yay-gianluca fallone

PEOPLE! I am getting lazier and lazier with getting to Jazz Fest shows lately. Ugh just like all festivals, I am really happy this one is ending soon. I am so tired. Namely, my FEET are so tired. Dancing for 6-10 hours on end is a lot on your body. Anyways, tonight I only had one band I really really wanted to catch and that is Artist of the Year. They normally spell their name with Caps and non-caps but I…am just lazy. So I won’t.

I wanna do a little mini rant first though. I feel this is necessary for all of you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who try to innocently SKIP into the lineup as if NO ONE would notice or become irritated. The lineup went around the block, and there was a huge gap in between where the road was so that cars could pass freely. I, walking up to this lineup, saw this gap, and walked ACROSS this gap, to lineup behind where the REAL lineup started. This is where people watching gets fun but a little irritating. SO MANY PEOPLE, come by, see the lineup, see the people behind the gap aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to the end of the lineup, but innocently TRY TO JUMP the line by squeezing in nonchalantly in front of hundreds of people. Good thing there was a Métropolis dude there to say, hey guys go in the back of the lineup, that was pretty sweet. BUT STILL, people stood around, wondering how they could weasel their way in. But then realise they should just go to the back of the lineup which is something the KNEW in the beginning to do but decided to make asses of themselves first. IF YOU WERE IN A LINEUP, WOULD YOU WANT SOMEONE TO BUD IN FRONT OF YOU? NO. So why do it to other people? I just don’t get it. This goes for people next to me too. As we slowly inch our way forward, people were trying to manoeuver their motions so that they would be in front of me. Like how does going in front of a few people even make a difference? The thing is, you do a really sketchy, rude, and annoying thing by trying to up yourself a few people in the lineup, making yourself look ill charactered with no social etiquette whatsoever, and all for what? People are so ridiculous when it comes to lineups. Be fair. It’s first come first served. YOU wouldn’t want someone doing that to you, so why would you do it to others. I know this sounds so preachy but it’s true. So many people do this all the time in lineups and what they don’t realise is, we’re lucky enough to be living in a world civil and organized enough to even HAVE lineups. I’ve been to many places where lineups don’t even exist, like in Sao Paulo. Trying to get tickets to see a football game was pretty much like being in a Metallica or RATM mosh pit. I was injured, bruised, and cut up, before some nice dudes made a path for us to get through because we were being overpowered by all these males. The lineups are there. They suck because you have to wait. No one likes them unless you’re at the front. So get there early if that’s the case! But lineups are there. Please respect them! =)

Phewf, ok, hope I didn’t sound like a bitch because that is not the intention, but I know I’m not the only one that hates this. Anyways, AOTY recap after the jump!

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yay-jill greenberg, courtesy of yay!everyday, link on the side!

Just like the past few posts, I’ve definitely been meaning to get this one done a nearly four weeks ago! Right after I came back from Bonnaroo I had a few concerts all in a row. Yes, I know, I am a concert fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiend. But I live for them. So yeah, a quick recap of Phoenix and No Doubt…and more recaps from concerts like Camera Obscura, Les Hangers, and Noisia to come after Jazz Fest mania and Fantasia awesomeness end! Ugh sorry for being so late with this stuff. But, I am not very punctual…so I guess it’s quite fitting jaja. MORE AFTER THE JUMP YO!

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atm-yay-nils riedweg

Ok so was super excited today for one reason and one reason only.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in the program list. Best part, was that according to the schedule, she was playing twice on the same day. HUUUURRRRAAH!

So I rush to be on time at the Rio Tinto Alcan stage. For the first time, I was going to be on time for something. I wasn’t going to miss one beat, one lyric, or a second less of a glimpse at one of my favorite artists. As I hastily march closer and closer to the stage, the music sounded less and less like Asa…it sounded jazzy…I look onto the stage and there is some chick, Barbara Secours.


Went to the information booth, turns out there was a mistake with the schedule. Asa is playing tonight. BUT she is opening for Lila Downs. AND the tickets cost more than $40.


If anything, Asa should have her OWN show, not be an opener. But tsk tsk, I know that you have to start small somewhere. IMO, in a few years, she’ll have her own spot here at the Jazz fest.

Anyways, I did catch two amazing shows! Chin Chin from Brooklyn (go hard) and Curumin from Brésil! AIAAIAIAI! Recap after the jump!

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If you’re wondering where the past three days went in coverage, well, I took a break from the Jazz fest. It was inevitable. Plus, the past three days I only had a few shows and each of them started at 2200 and I simply didn’t feel like cycling all the way there just for one show.

What did I do in the three days?

I made myself Vietnamese salad rolls that I’ve been craving for the past few weeks.
I caught up on my Harry Potter reading.
I, along with one of my flatmates, drank a lot of vodka leftover from a camping trip.
I watched more Big Bang Theory.
And of course, I had dance parties, all the time.

Anyways, I returned to the Jazz fest tonight, and went there for JUST ONE SHOW. Because I knew it was going to be epic. More epic than going to 80s UK electronic legends, The Orb. Yes, I passed up the Orb. For who you might ask?


What seduced me to do such a thing?

Jean-Phi Goncalves. (of course, every musician and singer that participated tonight was amazing, but Goncalves was the trigger)

I won’t do a full review now because I’m still soaking it all in.

What I can tell you, is that this is EASILY in the top ten of the best shows I’ve seen this year. Trust me guys, this is saying a lot, considering I spend all my money on concerts, music, traveling, and traveling for music.

I am so happy.

Edit: I have recapped the show. It’s short and sweet! After the jump!

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atm-rip michael jackson

Yup. Still dealing with it. Yup. Still don’t know how to. But some dude recorded the entire memorial that happened today, and that’s pretty great. Watch it all after the jump!

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atm-patrick watson

I am in love with Patrick Watson. Have been since the Polaris Prize Award winning Close to Paradise. I unfortunately missed his show in Edmonton at the McDougall Church…a venue that would have been perfect for a sound like Watson. But he comes tonight! For free! At the Jazz festival and I am so excited. I have been listening to his new album Wooden Arms non-stop and I figured I might as well hit two birds with one stone with a review of the album as well.

This and more after the jump! Not until tomorrow will I have a recap of the show.

EDIT: I now have recapped the show. I know I said I’d have it the morning of. I lied. Jaja sorry! Busy with being sad about Roddick and being sad watching MJ’s memorial. But I finally wrote it and it was truly a wonderful concert! Review after the jump!

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Alright today was jam packed. The performances that stole the day…That 1 Guy and Montréal’s own, Random Recipe! Recap after the jump!

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