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Alright folks, this is gonna be a super quick recap for this day since not much happened…but I can tell you that something HUGE happened.



My recap after the jump!

atm-gadji gadjo!

My first stop was this gypsy band called Gadji Gadjo. Very eclectic! The guy on the flute to the picture’s right is hilaaaaarious! Lots of good humor and overall a pretty fun show.

atm-griffith hiltz trio

Next up, the Griffith Hiltz Trio. Great chemistry on stage. The dude on the left played amaaaazing electric guitar and he also had a bass pedal! Super cool. Also, the guy on the right is playing a TWO saxes. At the same time. Very talented man he is. Overall a great jazz show.

atm-ines canepa

I only ended up seeing Inés Cánepá for a few songs before I got super paranoid about missing Kool and the Gang. I usually never go to openers and the opener for Kool and the Gang was Stéphane Moraille aka lead singer of the Bran Van 3000. Not that this wouldn’t be a good opportunity to see “Drinking in L.A.” being performed, but I just don’t go to openers and I wanted to see Inés Cánepá from the description anyways. From the few songs I did see, she mainly sang in French and Spanish and it was very eclectic. I was salsa-ing and having a good time. But like I said, I got super paranoid about missing Kool and the Gang ’cause it said they were billed for 2030, and Jazz fest time tables are pretty on time. So…I run on over to the Metropolis…

atm-stephane moraille

lo and behold! the opener is still on and will be on until 2130, which would’ve been the time I showed up ANYWAYS! Grrr. Oh well. Moraille was entertaining and it’s no doubt that after all these years her voice is still magnificent. But I just wasn’t feeling her music. I was feeling her though. She has such great stage presence, always interacting with us, always putting on little dance shows and she just looked fantastic in her dress! One of the songs I did end up liking is called “Sharpshooter” which you can hear on her myspace!



Ok so here’s how it went down. in the beginning, there was a Kool and the Gang greatest hits all fused into this five minute bender that played before they came on. Despite having not listened to them IN SO LONG, I still knew nearly the entire set. SO MUCH FIRE!!!


To be honest, I wasn’t originally going to go because it was quite expensive. But then I thought it over. This is the Kool and the Gang. Never will I get this opportunity again to see R’n’B legends. And I, along with the friends who tried to convince me, was SURE that live, they’d be incredible. I. Was. So. Right.

They started with “Fresh”. They sound so amazing live. So amazing. It’s as if time hadn’t passed at all. What an opener. Then they did “Take My Heart”, “Joanna” and a new song called “Step Into Love”.

MP3: Kool and the Gang – Fresh


Honestly, this is the sexiest man alive. The ladies were just going crazy and just the way he moooooves, the way he sings!! UUGH when he sang “Joanna” my heart melted.


He is soooo effin’ amazing. Anyways! I was super close to the front on the right hand side right in front of the speakers…without my etymotics!!! Man my ears were soooo dead after. Along with my feet! My friends and I conquered that section!!! No one else was dancing! Most of the people in the venue were much older but they didn’t dance at all! All the youngin’s were representing! We had so much space to dance and people were pretty impressed with us. I don’t mean this in a sarcastic tone jaja. We were breakin’ out dance moves like we were Stevie Wonder’s back up vocalists. Choreographing a few moves here and there, we were the LIFE on the right hand side. For real.


“Too Hot”, “Hollywood Swinging”, “Open Sesame”, a slower and jazzier version of “Summer Madness” and “Cherish the Love” were amongst the next songs played. So much fire. So much energy. These guys are OLD but they can fucking dance!!!! I would have loved to record some of the songs so you guys can see the mayhem but this was just one of those shows where I couldn’t simply hold still for even a nanosecond. I was sooo drenched in sweat and was trying to fan myself off best I could during the very rare slow moments during the show. But here’s a video that has parts of the beginning, including the RIDICULOUS dancing in the opening song “Fresh”.

Kool and the Gang then tell us we’re going to Jamaica! The beats become more tropical with reggae grooves. They tell us they’re gonna teach us the Island Shake. One by one each of them do a crazy dance, with Jamal’s being the sexiest and slowest, of course. After that short interlude, Kool and the Gang got right back into it, with oldies like “Ladies Night” and “Get Down On It”!


MP3: Kool and the Gang – Get Down On It

For their encore they played, you guess it, “Celebrate”. It was just the most perfect night, amazing live show, and easily the best r’n’b/funk/soul show I’ve ever been to in my entire life. So worth the cash. I just don’t know what else to say. Today was a good day.

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