atm-nicolai morrisson

Alright, so this post is going to be quite short since I didn’t go to very many shows today…and instead…went to Le  Distillerie—which is uber expensive and am never going there again unless there is some deal for under $5!—and spent a while in there, drying my soaked body from the hard rain outside, and warming myself up with a niiiice litre of mojitos….mmmmm mojitos. The effect of them definitely lasted me throughout both shows that I did end up seeing that night…but whether or not I enjoyed them because the music was good or because the mojitos were telling me they were good…the answer, after the jump!

atm-nomadic massive;sorry for quality, i cycled in a storm and my camera lens got foggy since the case is fabric. wah.

First up, Nomadic Massive. So much energy. Fantastic hip hop, reggae, funk and rap all fused together. All the members are from all different parts of the world. The band name is realized! They are amazing live, unforts I only caught 30 minutes of their set.

atm-les paiens

These Monctonites, Les Païens, played a wicked set. Lots of people from New Brunswick at this festival! Anyways, their sound was almost like nujazz, with the addition of the trumpet. But it wasn’t electronic enough. Very experimental, with long dronings and lullabies infused with the immaculate trumpeteering of the lead. It felt like Pawa Up First with a bit of Parov Stelar and Black Dice. Very interesting sound and definitely something to rock out to. They were great!

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