Alright today was jam packed. The performances that stole the day…That 1 Guy and Montréal’s own, Random Recipe! Recap after the jump!

atm-that 1 guy

This man is insane. Using what he calls a “magic pipe”, he does everything with just his hands and feet. Pressing buttons for sound effects, the pedal for the snare and drum beat. A trained bass player, he turned the magic pipe into an upright bass, employing his talent into a more creative and innovative medium. There was so much energy in his music and his body movements as he pumped out pop, rock, electronic, dance, and even some jazz beats.

atm-that 1 guy with the magic saw!

He brings out the magic saw! Very cool indeed. At one point he does card tricks for us! I was amazed! Appear, disappear, appear, disappear. And then the cards regurgitated out of his mouth! Wonderful. You can read about him and listen to his music on his website. I am officially a fan for life. Simply amazing.

After the set was done, I along with many others, rushed up to the stage congratulating him on a performance well done. He introduced himself as Mike, from San Francisco. It was evident that he was so genuinely happy to be there and I think this definitely resonated with the crowd.

MP3: That 1 Guy – One

MP3: That 1 Guy – Buttmachine


Next up Zemog! I love the lead of this group. He interacted with the crowd so well. He talked about the political issues, how in many countries guns are used by individuals as a method of defense, and he asks us, “should I get a pistola?!?!”. Most of us answered, “no”! Though there was this one dude that said, “get two”, and this defs lightened the mood up. He goes into the song “Should I Get A Pistola?”, a song with mambo, salsa, latin, and rock elements that made the crowd all groove. One of my favorites played by them was called, in English, “Remote Control”. It’s about a salmon that dies on this nature show, and with modern technology these days, we’re able to rewind and pause at will, so this guy who is really saddened about this salmon dying, rewinds the show and gives the salmon life again. Funniest line of the show, “isn’t it scary that remote control is the same in all languages?”. Scary indeed.


Next up was Cordero. This was the only time that my circling on my jazz fest schedule was a doozy. They were, from what I can tell, a latin experimental group. Though the girl was dressed in a nice flashy pink dress, that was as flashy as this band got. No stage presence. Not to mention, the songs were delivered with no oomph at all. I gave them three songs before I left in search of a better band, and within that span of 10 minutes I was super bored. At one point, she did say that it was one of their few dance numbers, and it sounded exactly the same as their previous two songs. I was pretty disappointed.

I moved onto the mainstage to catch Astillero. And this was even WORSE. It was like an emo latin opera on stage. Very moody and I just wasn’t in the mood to sit there and wallow.

atm-bob walsh

Finally, I come to Bob Walsh. Upbeat, personal, and they have a crazy pianist that should have his own solo show. Walsh mainly performed songs written by previous legends like Armstrong, “Wonderful World”, and other oldies like “Stand By Me”. Thing with doing most songs that aren’t yours, is that it starts to feel like a cover band…most of the time. Though I did sense this a bit with Walsh, I think his energy in his wails and his genuine expressions on stage changed this a bit for me. Overall, a decent show. Though I could have skipped it and not regretted anything.

atm-random recipe

AND NEXT UP…WALE!!! HOOOORRRAH! I was soooo looking forward to this. Wait…that’s not Wale…


He must have gotten cancelled. You know what other big act got cancelled? Mos Def. Yes, it kind of sucks.

But it’s ok! They recruited Random Recipe! A guitarist, a percussionist, and two female MCs that fuckin’ know how to rock the stage. It was clear that they never got this kind of reception, or the large crowd, and they were having sooo much fun on stage. The drummer was ridiculous!

atm-random recipe!

The one on the left did the singing and rapping, and the one on the right did the singing, rapping, and beat boxing. Aaah how beat boxing adds great character to the band. They mostly sang in English, but they do know Spanish and French as well. They play pop, rock, latin funk, and trip-hoppin’ psychedelic all in one show. Cruising from one side of the stage to the other, they commanded our attention, telling us to scream RANDOM RECIPE! and we learned and sang along to one of their choruses. They’ll be playing many shows in MTL over the next week or so. Check out the dates and their music (unforts they don’t have an LP or EP…SIGN THIS BAND UP!) on their myspace!

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