If you’re wondering where the past three days went in coverage, well, I took a break from the Jazz fest. It was inevitable. Plus, the past three days I only had a few shows and each of them started at 2200 and I simply didn’t feel like cycling all the way there just for one show.

What did I do in the three days?

I made myself Vietnamese salad rolls that I’ve been craving for the past few weeks.
I caught up on my Harry Potter reading.
I, along with one of my flatmates, drank a lot of vodka leftover from a camping trip.
I watched more Big Bang Theory.
And of course, I had dance parties, all the time.

Anyways, I returned to the Jazz fest tonight, and went there for JUST ONE SHOW. Because I knew it was going to be epic. More epic than going to 80s UK electronic legends, The Orb. Yes, I passed up the Orb. For who you might ask?


What seduced me to do such a thing?

Jean-Phi Goncalves. (of course, every musician and singer that participated tonight was amazing, but Goncalves was the trigger)

I won’t do a full review now because I’m still soaking it all in.

What I can tell you, is that this is EASILY in the top ten of the best shows I’ve seen this year. Trust me guys, this is saying a lot, considering I spend all my money on concerts, music, traveling, and traveling for music.

I am so happy.

Edit: I have recapped the show. It’s short and sweet! After the jump!

Live in Show: Jedi Electro
@ Savoy du Métropolis; MJF 08 07 09

atm-jedi electro 04

Jedi Electro consists of Alex McMAhon, Jean-Phi Goncalves, JF Lemieux, and Martin Lizotte. This is a group that started recently (I think) and it’s based out of MTL. Right away when I read the desciption from the Jazz Fest schedule and saw Goncalves name, along with dubstep, trip hop, and electronic, I knew that this was a must see show. It is my regret to not have seen them all three shows they played–which were all free–and only saw the one.

I don’t know if the last show was the same as the other two, but the show I saw was incredible and we sure got a treat when Ariane Moffatt joined the stage to power the music with her voice and her KORG skills.

atm-jedi electro 01

I’m not sure how much of the music was improvised…but I’m pretty sure nearly all of it was. There was lots of communication on stage and despite it being completely spontaneous, the undulations, rises and falls of the beats were immaculate in timing. For me, having the two drum slash percussion sets on stage made the show. Goncalves’ drums were a bit louder than the other dude but it served as the set that set the tempo, rhythm, and build up of the 60 minute set.

atm-jedi electro 03

These photos aren’t actually the ones from that night as the photos I took were shite despite me being in the front row of the very cozy and intimate Savoy du Metropolis. But this is basically what everyone looks like. The man to your left? That’s Goncalves. I got to see Beast last year in Edmonton and exchanged minute words with Goncalves and Bonifassi and did the same with him at the end of the show. Ugh he is simply amazing and is one of the people I would reconsider the institution of marriage for. Along with Jon Stewart, Barack Obama, Ronald Weasley, and Sheldon (from BBT). ANYways…

atm-jedi electro 02

GUESS WHAT??!?! All of a sudden all these trombone, trumpet, and saxophone players show up beside me. They must have been friends of theirs, or maybe got the memo that Jedi Electro was an improvised music group and brought their shit with them, either way, one by one—since there wasn’t enough room on stage—executed RIDICULOUS solos. Ugh this Jazz fest makes me wonder why my parents didn’t enroll me in some Brass school or something. Trombones, trumpets, tubas, and the like, are AMAZING instruments to have in your music. They are so versatile with all genres of music, and since they appeared first in jazz, the ancestor of all genres like how physics is the root of all science, the brass additions to Jedi Electro’s set was magnificent.

Even after they left they stage, the four of them stayed beside me and added minute rhythms according to the beats at the time. Amazing. Jedi Electro is like the grooviest electronic music dabbled in some dubstep, progressive trip-hop, and deep fried in psychedelic experimental. Yeah. Pretty fuckin’ sweet I’d say.


BETTY BONIFASSI JOINED THE STAGE!!! Hooooooooooooooooooorah! I love her. And I screamed this multiple times and I am pretty sure she thinks I’m a freak stalker. Sigh.

When the show was over, the room was 10 degrees hotter and 30% more humid than before. But, we were definitely ALL happy. And that’s the best statistic. Seriously, I am sad I didn’t see the other two shows. I can EASILY say, that Jedi Electro is in the Top Ten shows I’ve seen this year. And when you take in the fact that I average about 10-15 shows a month, 5-10 festivals a year, and 24/7/365 listening, looking up, discovering, and dancing to music, well, I’d say the being in the Top Ten is a pretty awesome stat.


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