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Ok so was super excited today for one reason and one reason only.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in the program list. Best part, was that according to the schedule, she was playing twice on the same day. HUUUURRRRAAH!

So I rush to be on time at the Rio Tinto Alcan stage. For the first time, I was going to be on time for something. I wasn’t going to miss one beat, one lyric, or a second less of a glimpse at one of my favorite artists. As I hastily march closer and closer to the stage, the music sounded less and less like Asa…it sounded jazzy…I look onto the stage and there is some chick, Barbara Secours.


Went to the information booth, turns out there was a mistake with the schedule. Asa is playing tonight. BUT she is opening for Lila Downs. AND the tickets cost more than $40.


If anything, Asa should have her OWN show, not be an opener. But tsk tsk, I know that you have to start small somewhere. IMO, in a few years, she’ll have her own spot here at the Jazz fest.

Anyways, I did catch two amazing shows! Chin Chin from Brooklyn (go hard) and Curumin from Brésil! AIAAIAIAI! Recap after the jump!

atm-chin chin

The man to the right, on the keyboards, is a crazy man. Do not trust him under any circumstances. But if he asks you to dance. DO IT! It’s Thursday night and we gon act like it! Chin Chin, a band that dishes out the experimental tropical dance grooves, was unexpectedly good. The music itself, is alright. I needed more (cowbell) trombone. I think they definitely could have used their percussion, trombone, and korg a lot more to make certain sounds and affects stand out a lot more than they did. And so, though the music wasn’t necessarily all that innovative, the man to the right, saved the show.

atm-chin chin...or the reincarnation of beegees?!

Doing crazy mambo/hardcore dance moves, the keyboardist went crazy all over the stage. He always interacted with the crowd: WHAT NIGHT!?! (TONIGHT!!!) WHAT NIGHT?!?! (TONIGHT!) AM I TALKING ABOUT YESTERNIGHT? TOMORS NIGHT? (NOOOO!!!). You gotta let people know you’re alive! You know how you do it?! Shaking your ass and feet! I think with his enthusiasm, encouragement, and euphoric dance moves, the crowd was moved to dance too. We all proved we were alive that night.

Speaking of staying alive, har har har I crack myself up sometimes, is the trombone player NOT a totally young version of Barry Gibb?!?! Hmmm…

atm-curumin 01

Next up! Curumin, a three person band all the way from Brasil. Aaah so nice to hear some Portuguese music. They played samba, latin styled dub, and overall, it was a very sensual experience for all of us.

atm-curumin 02

atm-curumin 03

I think one of the best part of the show, was when he (the drummer, later guitarist, and always vocalist) referenced Michael Jackson (yes, I am not over it and still super appreciate MJ appreciations from bands! And it shows how universal he is when a group from Brasil honors him!). First, he said to look at the moon! And that our Moonwalker was up there, that this next song was for Michael Jackson. It was wonderful.

atm-curumin 04

And soon the end was near. And the singer said, You have to sing with me on this one. It is very important. Very very important that you do this with me. We were all left there, wondering what song he would possibly cover for us to all know. Lo and behold! He started covering Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. It was, I think, one of the best covers I have heard. Curumin transformed the song from a high energy aggressive fight club ish pop song into a latin funky dub psuedo ukele like version of it. All of us sang along. It was a great moment and a great ending.

Obrigada Curumin!

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