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Just like the past few posts, I’ve definitely been meaning to get this one done a nearly four weeks ago! Right after I came back from Bonnaroo I had a few concerts all in a row. Yes, I know, I am a concert fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiend. But I live for them. So yeah, a quick recap of Phoenix and No Doubt…and more recaps from concerts like Camera Obscura, Les Hangers, and Noisia to come after Jazz Fest mania and Fantasia awesomeness end! Ugh sorry for being so late with this stuff. But, I am not very punctual…so I guess it’s quite fitting jaja. MORE AFTER THE JUMP YO!

Live in Show: Phoenix
@ La Tulipe; 16 06 2009 (Montréal)

atm-phoenix a la tulipe

I know I’m a bit crazy seeing these guys AGAIN considering I saw them at Bonnaroo just a few days ago before this show. I had my ticket on craigslist and everything to sell and I easily could have gotten rid of my ticket as it was sold out here in MTL, but I decided to go anyways. Why?

Well at Bonnaroo, as I mentioned in my first recap, a lot of people were new Phoenix fans, and that’s great! That’s fantastic! The loudness of the tent overwhelmed Phoenix, they were absolutely baffled and joyous to receive such commotion as I’m sure, they weren’t used to it in the West. So I’m happy that their performance at Bonnaroo gained them thousands of new fans. But, I wanted to go to the MTL with potentially more older Phoenix fans and with that, a much different vibe.

Live footage: Phoenix – Too Young

I arrived there 15 minutes after the start of their set. UGH I have to start calibrating my whole “doors plus or minus x hours depending on the genre of the show” equation here in MTL. It seems as though shows here start really early AND on time AND end early. Weird, huh?! Anyways, I’m guessing they started off just like they did at Bonnaroo, and in fact, much of the set was just like the Bonnaroo set. EXCEPT they played “Funky Square Dance” which isn’t really one of their best but sounded quite cool. Also, they played MY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE off of United, “If I Ever Feel Better”. These were the two songs that I remember that weren’t played at Bonnaroo. Awesome.

Live footage: Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better

Live Footage: Phoenix – Run, Run, Run

I’m so happy I went. La Tulipe is an AMAZING venue too. Very small with a tiny balcony up top. The sound is great and the best part about going this time was that I could relax. Stay on the balcony and out of the crowd as I’ve seen them before. And it was just fantastic. The venue is small enough that the stage is so close and seeable/touchable from where ever you happen to be. LOVELY venue. Definitely one of my favorites in the city so far.

Unsurprisingly, the crowd loved Phoenix and it was quite loud as well. In the end Thomas ended up jumping into the crowd, it was awesome.

Live in Show: No Doubt
@ Bell Center; 17 06 2009 (Montréal)

atm-no doubt 06

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up to No Doubt music. I remember the very first time I heard hits like “Just A Girl”, “Spiderwebs”, “Bathwater” and more. I remember looking at Gwen, looking at their history, and admiring her so much, becoming inspired by how she’s the lead vocalist, how she makes all her own clothes, and how she refused to inhibit her self. After Gwen branched off of No Doubt for her own solo projects–which were great!–I never thought that they’d get back together for a tour like this. A tour with NO album to promote, which means this tour is pretty much a greatest hits tour. And that’s just awesome.

I received an email about their tour and was just in complete shock. After many interviews, No Doubt say they’re working on some new stuff, but this tour is just something to get them back into the habit of playing together, playing in front of crowds, and reigniting the chemistry and history that was not lost, but rather dormant, over the course of many years.

So I made my way over to the Bell Center just in time to miss most of Paramore. But I ended up seeing quite a bit of it ’cause I didn’t time it as well as I had thought. And to ALL OF YOU PARAMORE HATERS, they fuckin’ KICK ASS LIVE. I was one of those that believed all the word of mouth on how shitty they are (and waaaaas sort of a Paramore hater before), and especially since their music was in Twilight  (VOMIT) I really was reluctant to see them live. But the lead singer is effin’ awesome. Her voice is fantastic live and she really commands the crowd and communicates with us. I actually enjoyed their performance. I’m not a Paramore fan, nor am I converted in any way, and I will never purchase any of their stuff ’cause I think their stuff is pretty generic, BUT I will say that they are amazing live.

So No Doubt was due next!!! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because I know Stefani’s voice is very wishy washy at times and doesn’t always sound that great live. But I put that outside of my mind knowing that I was about to see one of the best groups of the 90s and my childhood legends were gonna grace the stage very soon.

Live footage: No Doubt opener…not at MTL! But same thing everywhere else… =)

RIDICULOUS. I was going insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!!

atm-no doubt 02

Gwen comes out looking like the Gwen of the nineties. They start off with:

Hella Good
Underneath It All
Excuse Me Mr.
End It On This

Not bad huh??!?!

atm-no doubt 03

That’s what I loved about this show, because they had no new album coming out, and were doing this tour as a means of getting that vibe back together, the vibe of performing together on stage and performing music before starting afresh after so many years apart, it was pretty much a greatest hits tour. The best part about greatest hits tour and No Doubt is that, they can have sooo much fuckin’ fun. Not that they wouldn’t necessarily have any fun if they were promoting a new album, but they wouldn’t get to perform a lot of songs in their past. With this tour the nostalgic resurfaces as the novel, and the band and the fans loved it.

Throughout the entire show, Gwen was being such a beaut, walking, prancing, and dancing her way from stage left to stage right. At one point, there was this chick that was holding up a poster saying I want a picture with Tony! and she was like, sure why not?!?! Tony she wants a picture with you! And so the entire show stopped, this lucky lucky fan got on stage and they all took pictures together. Cool pauses like this happened all the time! It really made it feel like it was a unique show, that the show in MTL was much different than the one in Toronto the night before. This is a hard thing to say for most artists, because the best of the best, from Coldplay to Celine Dion, even, have their crowd conversations mimicked and rehearsed over and over again. Though an elated fan might not notice, but when all artists have to say is What’s up X city?!?!? Man the weather sure is X!!! X!!!!!! How are we doing?!??!!? and does nothing else, one can imagine that their entire tour is just the copy of yours.

atm-no doubt 01

The music continues!

Simple Life
Ska interlude
Hey, Baby


atm-no doubt 05

This is Gwen’s second outfit. It was so beautiful, that mini dress, and she is so beautiful. Everyone around me just could not believe how gorgeous she is in real life. Yes yes there’s make up but wow the aura around her on stage was vibrant. We loved it.

The next song for me put me into tears. It was one of my favorite songs, “Running”. The stage was set up so that there was a large screen on the back. During each song there were different projections and for this particular song, there were projections of their entire history, photographs and snippets of the band in the early 90’s. How young they all looked. How they’re still together.

Running, running, as fast as we can.
Do you think we’ll make it?
We’re running
Keep holding my hand
So we don’t get separated.

Although this song, I think, was originally written about her now husband, Gavin, it was clear that the projections on the screen represented the epithet of No Doubt’s togetherness. Running together for over twenty years. Never truly letting go even though they parted ways, musically, some few years ago. The lyrics, the photographs of their young days, mid years, and recent years really struck a chord with me. Because we were all running with them too. I grew up on No Doubt, they were the band of my generation, along with countless of others…and it was something very special to share this moment with them on stage because I’m sure, they feel the same way I do every time they perform this song…

atm-no doubt 04

Gabrial Mcnair (trombone, left) and Stephen Bradley (trumpet, right) are the touring members of No Doubt and they added soooo much flair to the show. Like I said with the Jazz fest reviews, brass moves your ass! Jajajajja, actually I just made that up. Clever, huh?

Anyways the show continues!

Different People
Don’t Speak
It’s My Life

And then! She does another cool thing, saying that there were lots of birthdays coming up, Tony’s, Adrian’s son, Gwen’s brother, etc, so she told us all to record this and put it up on youtube. Then, we all sang “Happy Birthday”. That’s pretty rad.

They finish off the set with:

Just A Girl
Rock Steady
And a craaaazy drum set with Paramore!!! I dunno the name of the song but errbody was on the stage banging away at anything and everything!

The only song I would have liked to have heard that wasn’t on the set list, was “Making Out”. But you can listen to it below! I knew what song they were going to do for their encore, since they hadn’t played it yet, and there was NO way they weren’t playing it. Also, it is my FAVORITE No Doubt song ever. NO DOUBT. NO QUESTION about it.


atm-no doubt 07

They came on and played “Sunday Morning”. I went ballistic.


Ugh thank you, No Doubt, for such an amazing night and a concert to remember forever.

MP3: No Doubt – Different People

MP3: No Doubt – Sunday Morning

MP3: No Doubt – Making Out

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