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PEOPLE! I am getting lazier and lazier with getting to Jazz Fest shows lately. Ugh just like all festivals, I am really happy this one is ending soon. I am so tired. Namely, my FEET are so tired. Dancing for 6-10 hours on end is a lot on your body. Anyways, tonight I only had one band I really really wanted to catch and that is Artist of the Year. They normally spell their name with Caps and non-caps but I…am just lazy. So I won’t.

I wanna do a little mini rant first though. I feel this is necessary for all of you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who try to innocently SKIP into the lineup as if NO ONE would notice or become irritated. The lineup went around the block, and there was a huge gap in between where the road was so that cars could pass freely. I, walking up to this lineup, saw this gap, and walked ACROSS this gap, to lineup behind where the REAL lineup started. This is where people watching gets fun but a little irritating. SO MANY PEOPLE, come by, see the lineup, see the people behind the gap aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to the end of the lineup, but innocently TRY TO JUMP the line by squeezing in nonchalantly in front of hundreds of people. Good thing there was a Métropolis dude there to say, hey guys go in the back of the lineup, that was pretty sweet. BUT STILL, people stood around, wondering how they could weasel their way in. But then realise they should just go to the back of the lineup which is something the KNEW in the beginning to do but decided to make asses of themselves first. IF YOU WERE IN A LINEUP, WOULD YOU WANT SOMEONE TO BUD IN FRONT OF YOU? NO. So why do it to other people? I just don’t get it. This goes for people next to me too. As we slowly inch our way forward, people were trying to manoeuver their motions so that they would be in front of me. Like how does going in front of a few people even make a difference? The thing is, you do a really sketchy, rude, and annoying thing by trying to up yourself a few people in the lineup, making yourself look ill charactered with no social etiquette whatsoever, and all for what? People are so ridiculous when it comes to lineups. Be fair. It’s first come first served. YOU wouldn’t want someone doing that to you, so why would you do it to others. I know this sounds so preachy but it’s true. So many people do this all the time in lineups and what they don’t realise is, we’re lucky enough to be living in a world civil and organized enough to even HAVE lineups. I’ve been to many places where lineups don’t even exist, like in Sao Paulo. Trying to get tickets to see a football game was pretty much like being in a Metallica or RATM mosh pit. I was injured, bruised, and cut up, before some nice dudes made a path for us to get through because we were being overpowered by all these males. The lineups are there. They suck because you have to wait. No one likes them unless you’re at the front. So get there early if that’s the case! But lineups are there. Please respect them! =)

Phewf, ok, hope I didn’t sound like a bitch because that is not the intention, but I know I’m not the only one that hates this. Anyways, AOTY recap after the jump!

atm-artist of the year

I discovered AOTY nearly two years ago at MJF 2007. They rocked the Samsung (now Bell) stage. Donning superstar glasses, shiny blazers, and a sex drive to kill, these guys made a huge impression on me (TWSS). So much fire. So much energy. So much ridiculousness. They call themselves trash disco. It’s the perfect description.

I am happy that they returned this year. Except this time, similar to Jedi Electro, they had three resident nights at Savoy du Métropolis, which is suuuuuch a cozy venue. I thought to myself, Artist of the Year NEED to be outside pumping out their tunes to thousands!!! Not less than a hundred! But then again, it was a super intimate show and that’s better sometimes.

I went and got to the venue right before midnight and lo and behold a lineup over a block was there! For AOTY! I was really happy to see that they got more exposure but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get in. I waited and waited and waited. I waited until 0120. THAT’S RIGHT. I waited over one hour and twenty, which is one hour and twenty AFTER the show started. So many people left the lineup and it got to the point where I was seriously considering it. But I was like, fuck it, I waited here for SO LONG and they are probably playing a two hour set, and I’m only 20 people away from getting in the door!

HOORAH! My patience was awarded! Damn, it was hot inside. And I think since I was feeling really tired from Jazz fest, waiting in line, and all that jazz (tee hee), that I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I thought I would. But, once they played two of my favorite songs, “Yeah!” and “Ultra Gloss”. I was upbeat once more! Wicked show despite all the technical difficulties.

MP3: Artist of the Year – Yeah!!!

MP3: Artist of the Year – lET mE sMELL yOUR mUM

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