GAAAAAAAAAAAH I am so stoked today! It is the second last day of the festival! It is POURING rain outside. Hopefully it clears up a bit before…BEIRUT! HOOOORAAH! I am hoping it ends early enough because after I am jetting off to Club Lambi to see the one and only, FLYING LOTUS! Oh what a day what a day!

BEIRUT IS SOLD OUT. And people are selling the tickets which are orginally $30 for $100 on craigslist! For. Shame.
FLYING LOTUS IS NOT! $15 AT THE DOOR! See you there?

Edit 14 07 09: I know, I’m horrible. It’s uh…been a few days since this concert…BUT I have a valid excuse! I am painting my room and am plastering and priming and all that jazz…and I have been using my laptop and speakers as a form of music in my new place…Hence no laptop here where I’m currently living. I PROMISE. Yes that’s right readers, I am promising a deadline to you. By Saturday I will have the recap of Beirut (incredible!), Flying Lotus (inspiring, and it killed me), and Ben Harper (boooooring), as well as my Best awards for the 12 day fest! Enjoy my previous posts and I shall see you on Saturday! =)

Edit 20 07 09: The post still isn’t updated. Ok, so I am officially a liar. I knoooooooow I promised Saturday but gaaah I have good excuses. Still painting my room, Fantasia (I watched three movies in ONE day today, I WAS IN THE THEATRE FOR 8 HOURS…),  and not being in my new apartment where my computer is makes it pretty tough for me to do updates since I don’t have the music or pics I wanna share…So I won’t make another promise that I can’t keep BUT I will say that once this post is updated (hopefully at least by the end of this week), lots of goodies will be floating your guys’ way!


Live in Show: Beirut
@ the Métropolis (MJF 11 07 09)

atm-beirut jazz fest

MP3: Beirut – Nantes

Aaaaah Beirut. I bought this ticket months and months ago knowing that it would be an amazing show. Sure enough, it was sold out and people who were unsure and waited last minute got a bite out of their wallets from scalpers. Packed to the rim, I decided the balcony would be quite fitting of Beirut. I settled in upstairs and everyone’s right, Zach Condon does look like a sixteen year old (he’s 23). Despite this, many airs of “I love you Zach!!!”–including many from myself–resounded towards the stage.

Beirut was off to a good start with one of my favorite songs, “Nantes”. Though Beirut’s discography is small, no song could possibly be a bad choice as all their LPs and EPs move wonderfully in and out of our smiling semicircular canals. Continuing on, Beirut play “The Shrew”, “Elephant Gun”, and wowed the crowd with an apparently well known French song “La Javanise” by Serge Gainsbourg.

Throughout the entire show, Condon spoke very little English. Speaking in the French which I’m assuming he gained while in Paris, a time that truly influenced Condon’s musical tastes as he divulged into Balkan folk music, he charmed us with minute chit chats delivered with the genuine modesty and shy quirkiness. The multitet band moves into “Postcards from Italy” and just beforeperforming “Cherbourg”, Condon admits he got a bit sidetracked when he saw a “Marry Me” sign. How many of those he gets a day or per performance, one could only imagine…

The last three songs before the encore were “The Akara”, “A Sunday Smile”, and “Carousels”. At this point, I was in absolute awe. Beirut and Condon have impeccable on stage chemistry, always chatting a bit before the next song to make sure they were all on the same page, and at times, deciding to mix things up with a change in the original set list. Live, they sure are great, they are amazing. Thing is, their sound is not better than their studio albums. The studio heightens their brass tunes and Condon’s distinguished voice, perhaps it was the Métropolis, perhaps it was ’cause I was on the balcony, but live, their entirety is a bit diminished. It was still amazing, but I think the proper venue for Beirut is somewhere in a theatre, where the acoustics were made for instruments and voices like these…

The encore is magnificent. Starting off with “The Penalty”, Beirut goes into one of my favorites off of their most recent EP Realpeople Holland, “My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille”. Condon surprises us once again with a song not in French, but in ITALIAN. Does this man have no linguistic bounds?!?! Finally, Beirut ends with “After the Curtains”. How appropriate. Overall, a wonderful concert, it is just too bad they weren’t in a theatre that catered better to a more orchestral band. For more Beirut, check out my other post here!

MP3: Beirut – After the Curtain

Live in Show: Flying Lotus
@ Club Lambi; 11 07 09

atm-my man henri and flying lotus THE MAN THE MAN!!!

MP3: Flying Lotus – Camel

Ok so right after Beirut, I rushed and biked over allllll the way up St. Laurent. Yes, I am a concert whore. I went there and unforts it was sold out…but these things tend to not stop me. I managed to get in, and still paid the fare! so don’t worry, I showed my support! And whilst I was there, I met the female MCs of Random Recipe! who I saw recently at the Jazz fest and will see again for MEG MTL!

Anyways, Club Lambi is this small as hell club. Seriously, probably under a hundred people fo sho. It was hot as hell inside and even My Man Henri kept interjecting DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM IT IS HOT IN HERE! And messed up a few times because there was so much sweat all over his keyboards and his mixer. Sweat was literally dripping from errbody’s bodies whether we could control it or not.

My Man Henri was the opener for Flying Lotus. And you guys know me, I hate openers and rarely make it to see any. I am weird. Or am I??? But the opener for an act like Flying Lotus I defs could not miss. And I was sooooo right. My Man Henri forumulates music like Flying Lotus does, technical but danceable, hip-hop but electronic, the beats were always constantly floating in between genres until you your mind gets so warped you don’t know which way is up, which way is down, and why all music doesn’t sound as good as this.

After a few hours of nearly dehydrating myself and causing myself to faint from heat, dancing, and beer drinking, I took a break and went outside where many many others also found refuge from the poorly ventilated and air trapped Club Lambi. I entered once more to find that Flying Lotus was soon to come on. This was it. This was it.

Now let me tell you, I haven’t followed Flying Lotus as long as others may have, I have looped his most recent LP Los Angeles at least 10 ten times and goggled over his music videos. Not to mention, I have listened to his tectonic plate release with the dubstep specialist, Joker. But other than that, who is Flying Lotus?


His name is Steve Ellison. His great aunt is Alice Coltrane…hmmmmmm who’s she?!?!?! Tee hee. Yes so he comes from a great background, though a very different one genre wise, nonetheless, a very talented one. I knew, I KNEW, from reading various forums, from reading various blogs, that this show WAS NOT TO BE MISSED. I knew, from listening to his LPs and EPs that this man live would blow my brains apart and reset everything I knew about DJing itself.

Throughout the show, I just couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I know I say this ALL the time, but it just seems that every show I go to tops the next one but I really don’t think this show can be topped. Flying Lotus is hands down, the best DJ show I have see this year, and maybe even ever. There was so much innovation in his sound, melding everything together in an almost Basement Jaxxy way where you go, “oooh, that’s an interesting combination”, while maintaining massive basslines like Noisia, and just when you think you understand what he’s doing, when you understand how to move your body to the crushing undulations emanating from the speakers, you don’t understand shit all. Flying Lotus is truly truly truly truly…awesome. Like My Man Henri, the sound was Balearic in the sense that it just melded everything together, all sounds together, and though you may place them within the hip-hop realm, it really isn’t. It is on a transcendental level on it’s own.

Throughout the show Flying Lotus defs interacted with us, pausing his shit to move to the mic over to his right, giving us his thanks, giving thanks in general, and commenting on the crazy dancers in the front (ahem ahem). My aspirations to be a DJ really skyrocketed closer towards my future. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but having wanted to do so many other things, it got put on hold. This show, this Flying Lotus show, was so fucking inspiring. It wasn’t about making people dance like a show at Ibiza or the WMC or you know, a regular DJ show by some Pete Tong esque DJ. It was carnal. Putting ourselves in and out of the sounds and experiencing something euphoric in return. It was so technical, so visceral, so hip-hop and so not. It wasn’t about music but what music could be and should be. This was such an inspiring show, and I hope that you guys get the chance to see Flying Lotus live. It is eye opening. I can still remember how I felt after stepping out of the club and cycling home…my body was filled with so much adrenaline and residual aurgasms from that show. In-fucking-credible.

MP3: Flying Lotus – GNG BNG

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