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So the last and final night hosted the great Ben Harper. Ben who? Yeah, so shoot me. I have never listened to any of Ben Harper’s stuff and while I may recognize some of his songs if you played them for me, I wouldn’t care enough to go any further than that. But, this was the last day of MJF, the last notable performance, and thus, I have to finish what I started twelve whole days ago.

While the crowd was nothing compared to the 200 000+ crowd that gathered for Stevie Wonder, Ben Harper had a notable audience. Though, like me, I’m sure, many were bored after 20-30 minutes of their music. Nothing crazy entertaining, and Ben Harper and crew didn’t even say anything to us during this time at all…as if we didn’t even exist. Sure, some artists tend to not have any interaction at all, but playing a massive festival such as this to at least 100 000 people…talk to us, man! So my friends and I left. Yes, that’s right we left. And how I know that this show wasn’t appealing to the majority was the fact that I was able to get out back onto the main open roads fast. People were leaving left and right. It could have been the rain–but we festival goers hang it tough and are prepared for such unwelcomed weather–so I’m pretty sure it was the music.

Regardless, I am sooo happy about the festival this year and not at all sad to see the closer suck because to be honest, I was soooooooooo tired. Anyways, after the jump for the Best Ofs for the MJF!!!

atm-yay-Jean Yves Lemoigne

The Best Ofs are basically a rendition of my top favorites…it’s too hard to pick a Best…it hurts me to do it. So the names and artists I choose are simply ones that stood out the most…though they weren’t necessarily the best…if that makes sense…so that’s why one artist won’t get more than one Best…even though something like Stevie Wonder would take most of them…ANYWAYS…You can check out my reviews of most of these artists on the site!

Best Day: Easily June 30th. Stevie Wonder! Though I spent all day waiting for the show to start, there are no amounts of shows that could amount to how wonderful and magnetic this performance was.
Best Free Show: Patrick Watson
Best “Free” Show: Beirut/Kool and the Gang
Best Discovery: That 1 Guy

Best R’n’B: Kool and the Gang
Best Hip-Hop: Would have been Wale…but he didn’t show…could have been Mos Def…hmm that didn’t happen either. Damnit!
Best Jazz: Griffith Hiltz Trio
Best Experimental: Chin Chin
Best Indie: Beirut
Best Electronic: Jedi Electro
Best Blues: David Rotundo Band
Best Rock: Artist of the Year

Best Mainstage:
Stevie Wonder/Patrick Watson
Best Bell Stage: Alice Russell
Best Scene Stage: Les Païens

Best Local Act:
Jedi Electro/Random Recipe
Best Canadian Act: Gypsophilia
Best Foreign Act: Federico Aubele/Curumin

Best Michael Jackson Tribute (Yes…I am doing this…it is necessary):
Curumin…YES it was better than Stevie Wonder’s cover…I wish I had recorded it…

Best Deal:
Hot dog for $3?! Super cheap for festival standards…however, if you were smart like some people–cough cough–you would have walked over to St. Laurent to get 70 cent hot dogs and $3 poutines…much cheaper. Or if you were REALLY smart–cough cough–you would have brought your own food…like apples, pasta salad, bananas…and the like. Tee Hee.

Well that’s all for MFJ! Thanks Montréal and it’s sponsors (yes, without you guys a lot of it wouldn’t be free…but there are issues on this as well…) for putting on yet another magnificent 12 day festival. Thanks to YOU guys who came here and read my day to day updates…no matter how late in timing they were. You guys are awesome. Hugsies to you!


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