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I know I’m a few days late on this…but JESUS this track is killer. Taken from Waffles: Drake spits indignantly, independently, triumphantly; Kanye compares himself to Obama and tires of fame; Wayne’s orbit gets a little more eccentric.  Eminem comes with an intricate rhyme scheme and a flamethrower, incinerating this song and laying down what may be the verse of the year.

Look for this track on the soundtrack for the new LeBron James Documentary soon to be released, More Than Just A Game.

Eminem OWNS this song. So sick.

MP3: Drake ft. Kanye, Lil’ Wayne and Eminem – Forever

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sick. Courtesy of Kanye (link on left!)

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atm-the cranberries


“The day that many of us thought we would never see is finally here and couldn’t be happier to announce the news. Dolores O’Riordan and the original members of The Cranberries have announced that they will reform for the first time in nearly seven years for a live tour. “I’ve decided to reunite with my former band members in The Cranberries and we will be writing new songs and performing tracks off my new album as well as our greatest hits during the shows. I’d love to see you out there.” O’Riordan stated.

In January, O’Riordan played a set at Dublin’s Trinity College with band members and brothers Noel and Mike Hogan to commemorate her being made an Honorary Patron of Trinity’s Philosophical Society. The performance was the first time the band members had seen each other since 2003. Never officially broken up, the band instead has been on hiatus, and being in the same room and playing music together for the first time made them realize how much they had missed each other. Touring will begin at the end of the year in North America and make its way to Europe in early 2010 with dates announced shortly…

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yay-so i took your ego and fed it to the dog

Ok guys. Long time since my last mixtape. I made TWO. One for ATM, and one for the other amazing blog I contribute to, Ca Va Cool. The one below, is a longer version and IMO a bit better because it has some old school feel to it. The one at CVC is a shorter version, it has pretty much the same songs but less old school groove. Both are GREAT! It just depends how much longer you want your dance party to go on for.


Download ATM’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape

Go to CVC to download CVC’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape
(give it possibly up to a week before it shows)

The playlist after the jump! GO GO GO!

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yay-erik johansson

As most of you probably know, Pitchfork (a supposedly very pretentious site and is hated by people who are so over knowing songs other people know because knowing songs that other people know is so uncool) made a Top 500 Songs of the Decade list. I didn’t have enough time to read through the ENTIRE 500 song list but when I saw the Top 20, I knew I had to see it. And wow, I think this is the first list BY Pitchfork or ANYONE ELSE for that matter, that I really, really, really agree with it. The list after the jump!

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atm-simian mobile disco temporary pleasure cover

I was looking super forward to Simian Mobile Disco (James Ford and Jas Shaw’s) new release, Temporary Pleasure, since the acclaimed Attack Decay Sustain Release infected electronic enthusiasts two years ago. Staying within familiar formulas, their first release “10 000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong” reminded me a lot of “Sleep Deprivation”, a track made for Ibiza. Temporary Pleasure as the name suggests, is a short 41 minute 10 track pithy album featuring Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), and Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals). More after the jump!

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atm-calvin harris ready for the weekend

Remember how awesome I Created Disco is? With songs like “Girls”, “Loves Souvenir”, “Vegas”, “This is the Industry”…(I would list the ICD entire track list), Harris gave 2007/8 a reason to Party Hard. Heck, even the Gobi tent was pretty decently filled during the Prince set at Coachella (from what I heard)! Calvin Harris did create disco with his first LP. And I really do think “Electro Man” is one of the top dance tracks in the past few years. More, after the jump!

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atm-amanda blank i love you cover

Amanda Blank. She keeps it dirty. Not like Fergie. She ain’t the Black Eyed Peas. She’s a trashy, postal bitch MC. Her rhymes are painful and fresh. Her pussy’s tastin’ the best. She’s a throw-down kind of bitch. She don’t play around. She cuts the fuck up and she knocks the fuck down.

Take it, take it, grab your man up like a thief.
Hate it, hate it, grab your bitches on a leash.
Shake it, shake it, break it like a dime piece.
Fake it, fake it, if that dick ain’t sweet.

She likes her ass sassy. She keeps her man happy. ‘Cos she rides like Kelly Bundy. Yo, she keeps that shit naaaaaaaaaasty.


Ugh, call her Miss. Nasty because I Love You is just fiiiiiiiiiiilth. Delicious, savory filth. Damn, she is dirty and I love it.

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atm-frankmusik cover

I have been in love with Frankmusik ever since I heard his mini EPs In Step and 3 Little Words which came out some time last year. Ever since, everybody wanted more of Vincent Frank but, nothing came out except a few remixes and a few singles. This full length album has been long awaited! He does everything, from the instrumentals to the vocals. Interestingly, before becoming a music maker, Frank was a beatboxer known as Mr. Mouth. It’d be super cool if he would loop some beatboxing and integrate it into his music like Random Recipe or Dub FX do. Next endeavor? Anyways, Complete Me is Frankmusik’s first LP and it is a really, really good pop album. Really! More after the jump!

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Video 1: Director Ethan Segal and Albert Thrower; The Antlers – Two

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Aaaah this is such a sweet video by the Antlers. I’ve been meaning to do a review of Hospice for ages but haven’t gotten around to it. But look out for it in a soon to come JAM PACKED! All I will say, is that it is a great great album. Watch this video!

Video 2: Directed by the Wilderness; The Juan Maclean – Happy House (Check my mixtapes for this MP3…I AM IN LOVE WITH NANCY WHANG!)

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