Alright, so today I only wanted to see Silly Kissers, which I missed, trying to redo my last post which vanished because I was stupid and I didn’t save. And also, I wanted to see Fischerspooner but missed quite a bit of that because a big bottle of Australian wine got in the way. Stupid wine.


I did catch a bit of Fischerspooner, the New York duo, before deciding to leave because it was not fantastic enough to keep me there. I knew that today (Day 1 of Osheaga) would be a big day for me…I need to rest. Nonetheless, I still ended up sleeping at 4am. But at least it wasn’t dancing until 4. So I achieved my said rest, sort of.

After the jump for music (including a song from Fspooner) I’ve been listening to a lot lately…though not all of it because I plan on releasing another mixtape and JAM PACKED soon!

atm-yay-Robert G Bartholot - Geometric Homocide

During the show, they played an awesome remix of this.

MP3: Fischerspooner – Just Let Go

This song is too good. It is so well produced. I am looking forward to his upcoming album.

MP3: Mr. Hudson – There Will Be Tears

I love Calvin Harris. Though his most recent single “Ready for the Weekend” is super weak. It makes me sad. But this song, no matter the occasion, always makes me happy.

MP3: Calvin Harris – Electro Man

I’ve entered my monthly Portishead only phase…where I can’t stop listening to Portishead because it is too good and well, why not? Recently, at my going away party at my other flat, my flatmate and I contemporary danced our way through the entirety of Dummy. Amazing.

MP3: Portishead – Glory Box

Listening to Relapse was really painful. I put it off for months and months because I heard the few singles and was extremely unimpressed. But, the other month I decided to give it a shot. And it was horrible. Listening to the album was a constant reminder of what Eminem has turned into from his older days, absolute shite. BUT, I gave it another listen, and realised that there are a few songs on there that are quite amazing, like this one. I wish that the album flowed more like this, but it doesn’t. Oh well. “Beautiful” makes up for all the other crap methinks.

MP3: Eminem – Beautiful

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