yay-Retro Goodness

“Midnight’s Children” by Salman Rushdie is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. I also think he is one of the greatest novelists of time. Aaah but this book, this book! Much like his other books (“The Satanic Verses”…etc), it just took forever to finish not only because of how long the book is, but because of how much you consumed while reading it. All encompassing, heavy, deep, and satiating within a few sentences (especially when you’re trying to read it critically…historically…politically…and even leisurely)! This book is a monster. I know it took me the span of 4 months (while traveling, albiet) to finish it when I was already half finished! But, it is the most rewarding experience and it’s such a feat! An achievement indeed…this post is for you Bandukwala!!! Congrats on finishing!

Cheers! Here’s an awesome song to celebrate…don’t judge me. I love it.

MP3: Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On

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