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MOTHERFUCKIN’ JUICEBOXXX!!!! I have been obssessed with this Milwaukeean (?) rapper for nearly a year now. This Thunder Jam Kid is about to release 100 MPH on September 1 which has been in the works for two years! Juiceboxxx is:

1. crazy
2. ridiculous
3. probably on amphetamines
4. keeps it real
5. awesometastic. yes, that Awesome.

For the new single and more goodies, jump!


To be honest, I’m not that impressed with Juiceboxxx in this track. Like he says in this interview, two house names, Joe Smooth and Craig Loftis, helped produce this track so noticeable, it’s much more danceable and LOVE the beats, sounds very much like Rhythm is Rhythm’s “Strings of Life”. but where is Juiceboxxx’ crazy nerded up hip-hop beats? His witty real life liners? His scream rapping into the mic? I loved R U There God? It’z Me, Juiceboxxx for how unconventional and ridiculous it was. I feel like “100MPH” is unsettlingly mediocre in comparison. But, I love Juiceboxxx and will post it anyways.

MP3: Juiceboxxx – 100 MPH

Juiceboxxx is going on a tour too!!! What’s with there being no Montréal date?!?!?! And the first iheartcomix email said there was a Toronto date, and the second email had that deleted! WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!?!?! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I will being hitching to Toronto JUST FOR THIS SHOW. SO PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT!

To pre-order 100 MPH click here!
For more MP3’s, check out my previous Juiceboxxx post here.

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