atm-amanda blank i love you cover

Amanda Blank. She keeps it dirty. Not like Fergie. She ain’t the Black Eyed Peas. She’s a trashy, postal bitch MC. Her rhymes are painful and fresh. Her pussy’s tastin’ the best. She’s a throw-down kind of bitch. She don’t play around. She cuts the fuck up and she knocks the fuck down.

Take it, take it, grab your man up like a thief.
Hate it, hate it, grab your bitches on a leash.
Shake it, shake it, break it like a dime piece.
Fake it, fake it, if that dick ain’t sweet.

She likes her ass sassy. She keeps her man happy. ‘Cos she rides like Kelly Bundy. Yo, she keeps that shit naaaaaaaaaasty.


Ugh, call her Miss. Nasty because I Love You is just fiiiiiiiiiiilth. Delicious, savory filth. Damn, she is dirty and I love it.

atm-amanda blank

HOT DAMN! Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally, Amanda Blank’s debut full length album comes out after doing a million cameos in the hip-hop scene for more than the past year. You probably recognize her in most works done by Spank Rock and Aaron LaCrate and most notably in “Bump”, one of the sickest songs of 2007. Judging from the cover, there are cameos from Chuck Inglish (the Cool Kids), Lykke Li (love love), Spank Rock and production credits with the likes of XXXchange, Diplo, and and Switch. And unlike N.A.S.A.’s horrible Spirit of Apollo where the cameos and production list made your eyes goggle and happily tear from the awesome star power, Amanda Blank’s I Love You is actually good. Better than good. It is awesome.

I Love You just came out a few weeks ago and I have had the pleasure of grooving my heart out for many many hours now. Her recent tour with Trouble Andrew and Santigold really shed some light as to how Awesome she is. Truly. You’d think that in the studio she’d have some double takes on her ridiculously fast verses but she spits ’em perfectly live with the feline sass that I, oh, so, appreciate. She is FIERCE live and her studio album is an ounce of her energy. 

Blank isn’t all about trashy, dirty, and in your face lyrics. She has a few songs on there like “A Love Song”, and “Leaving You Behind” were her soft, lovey side comes out. And “DJ”, one of my favorites on the album, is an awesome dance number, house-y, almost.

She’s like Peaches in her brutal honesty with the sexed up and unabashed lyricism. Amanda Blank says it like she means it. And there is no question that she does. Though she’s not as deliberately deconstructive and pansexual as Peaches is, Amanda Blank slightly tips the gender normatives when she is so upfront about her autonomy, especially her sexuality. Despite performing in a field where the lyrics are sometimes/predominantly misogynist, sexist, and stereotypical, Blank holds her own and and spits back the reverse like in nearly all her songs. But this is as far as my argument goes…Though Blank promotes “Pussy Power”, it isn’t always so consistent. But, these inconsistencies aren’t found in I Love You, they’re mostly in other collabos. Regardless, the beats are enough to make this album a winner. I just love Amanda Blank’s style like I love Lil’ Wayne. I just can’t help it! Damn, this album is good. COP IT NOW!

MP3: Amanda Blank – A Love Song

MP3: Amanda Blank – Leaving You Behind (Feat. Lykke Li)

You can buy I Love You here!

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