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Remember how awesome I Created Disco is? With songs like “Girls”, “Loves Souvenir”, “Vegas”, “This is the Industry”…(I would list the ICD entire track list), Harris gave 2007/8 a reason to Party Hard. Heck, even the Gobi tent was pretty decently filled during the Prince set at Coachella (from what I heard)! Calvin Harris did create disco with his first LP. And I really do think “Electro Man” is one of the top dance tracks in the past few years. More, after the jump!

atm-calvin harris

But I already knew, from the two singles before this release, “I’m Not Alone” and “Ready for the Weekend”, that Harris was going in a slightly different direction from his merrymaking in the 80’s days. At first listen to his recent release, Ready for the Weekend, I was super disappointed. Really, really, really disappointed. Just as the name of the album suggests, many of the songs feel as if they belong in clubs. Like club clubs. Songs that would mesh in with the one previous and the one after with less discernible distinction whereas tracks from ICD would have destroyed the dance floor.

I gave RFTW many listens and after about 4 or 5 times, I changed my mind. It’s not such a bad album. It’s actually a pretty good one! Ready for the Weekend still has the signature synths, contagious hooks, and Harris’ saccharine melodies. Calvin Harris still is the creator of (modern) disco but RFTW is slightly more industrial which makes his altered sound harder and housier but a little bit, just a little bit, little bit in lov–errr…ahem, more generic. I would easily play I Created Disco over Ready for the Weekend but tracks like “Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La”, “Limits”, “The Rain”, and “5iliconeator”, have found themselves on constant loop. Get the album! Just don’t hype it up as much as I did…Sigh, I always do this to myself jaja.

Anyways, two of a few of my favorites below! Buy Ready for the Weekend here!


MP3: Calvin Harris – The Rain

MP3: Calvin Harris – Limits

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