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Ok guys. Long time since my last mixtape. I made TWO. One for ATM, and one for the other amazing blog I contribute to, Ca Va Cool. The one below, is a longer version and IMO a bit better because it has some old school feel to it. The one at CVC is a shorter version, it has pretty much the same songs but less old school groove. Both are GREAT! It just depends how much longer you want your dance party to go on for.


Download ATM’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape

Go to CVC to download CVC’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape
(give it possibly up to a week before it shows)

The playlist after the jump! GO GO GO!

Mixtape: Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf



01 | DatA – One In A Million

DatA recently released his first album, Skywriter. It has a wicked cover and is full of that French electro that I’m so in love with. It’s a great listen if you like a low down version of TEPR and DJ Mehdi and is fantastic to put on if you want an easy playlist for your dance parties. But, there isn’t anything about super special about Skywriter so I don’t think it will be on any lists this year. And with the current albums from the likes of SMD, Calvin Harris, Sally Shapiro, Frankmusik, etc, I think DatA might be put on the back burner. Regardless, if you get the chance to see him live, DO IT! He kills the floor and would burn all those summer ice cream calories in minutes! “One in a Million’ is one of my favorites off the album!

atm-duck sauce

02 | Duck Sauce – Anyway

Duck Sauce consists of A-trak and Armand Van Helden. Yes. You read that right. A-trak and Armand van Helden! This is the Moderat of house!!! Hooorah! I believe their name was inspired by the duck sauce that comes with chopped duck that you can get at Chinese vendors. But, this is a guess informed from the extremely sparse information on their myspace so, I could be wrong. Quack quack. They are working on an LP?! EP!? I have no idea. BUT! I do know that Duck Sauce is “coming in September” and that we should brace ourselves. Armand van Helden has disappeared for quite some time, and I honestly didn’t find anything he did after “Hear My Name” worth listening to. But this collaboration will be great for both of them, and their recent release of “Anyway” is MASSIVE. Infectious disco house. I am excited for September.

03 | Dizzee Rascal ft. Chrome – Holiday

Another Dizzee Rascal track produced by Calvin Harris. IMO, not as great as “Dance Wiv Me” but, still a great listen.

04 | Calvin Harris – Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La

Check out my review here!

atm-misteur valaire 02

05 | Misteur Valaire ft. Ariane Moffatt – Astronef (SP4 Lovers)

Ugh! How I heart Misteur Valaire, one of Montréal’s best kept secrets. Ariane Moffatt too. How these guys haven’t made it across Canada really boggles my mind. I had the pleasure of seeing them once more at the event where I first discovered them two years ago, the Montréal Jazz Festival. Their psychedelic grooves and experimental clings and clangs all mesh together into one massive pool of Awesome. They recently released a revamped version of their first and only LP, Friterday Night, in 320 aaaand a bonus song which happens to be this one! I prefer the original SP4 Lovers only because it’s longer. But this version with Moffatt is fantastic. You can DOWNLOAD THEIR ENTIRE ALBUM FOR FREE!

Check out my review of their show at MJF here!

atm-cougarettes 03

06 | Cougarettes – Ego Head

I discovered Cougarettes this year at MEG Montréal, the part of Osheaga that is more dancy, hipster, and indie. The Cougarettes are so. bad. ass. That is the only way to describe them. They make every other music genre shudder like pansies. When I first walked into the show, I at first thought it sounded like Metric on ketamine. Bordering on the brink of absolute incoherence, the Cougarettes meld experimental, rock, metal, 8-bit, and electronic goodness into one big vat of noise that is not repulsive but rather, indulgent and audibly welcoming. You can hear it on their recent release, Milk Fangs EP.

Check out my review of their show here!

atm-dub fx

07 | Dub FX ft. Mr. Woodnote and Flower Fairy – Flow

He is a busker who performs predominantly in the UK. He uses loop and effects pedal, his amazing beat boxing skills, and the ocassional help from friends to make the sickest songs to be heard on the streets. Dub FX has only one studio album out, Everythinks A Ripple, which was released this year. If you’ve been following him the past few years, you’ve probably heard all the songs. He does have another live album, Live Onda Streets of Europe, which is better than the studio album because this man live is incredible. It’s just his voice, the pedals, and the occasional sax creating layers and layers of sounds that the studio can’t even replicate in quality. This is the unfortunate part…so buy the album for support but listen to his youtube vids for your parties jaja. You have to watch this video of “Flow” (and all his other live street videos up on the internets) to know what I mean. Dub FX is amazing.

08 | Modeselektor ft. TTC – 2000007

09 | Simian Mobile Disco ft. Alexis Taylor – Bad Blood

Check out my review here!

10 | Moderat – A New Error

One of my top songs of the year.

11 | Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix)

Surprise surprise. Fred Falke makes it into my mixtape! Miami Horror released a short EP, Bravado a month or so ago featuring his hits “Don’t Be On Her”, “Make You Mine” and a few others. Recently, the remix EP came out featuring the aforementioned songs by Fred Falke, Cassian, Treasure Fingers, and so on. Fred Falke proved to be the best one, once again! And plus, I find remixes of Miami Horror tracks to be better than the originals. Kind of like how I feel about Burns. Anyways, this remix is solid solid solid and nearly rivals Falke’s remix of Annie’s “Anthonio”, which I still hold to be the top remix this year so far!

12 | Miike Snow – Silvia

These guys came out with a self-titled album this year. It’s not too bad but nothing special. “Silvia” is defs my favorite track.

13 | Amanda Blank ft. Spank Rock – Gimme What You Got

Read ATM’s review of this album here!

14 | Spank Rock – Loose

15 | Mr. Hudson – There Will Be Tears

16 | Trouble Andrew ft. Diplo – Run, Hide

Read about Trouble Andrew, Amanda Blank, Spank Rock, and Santigold live here!

atm-erykah badu

17 | Erykah Badu – The Healer (Live)

No amount of words can describe how much I love this Lady of Hip-Hop. Ugh. I love it. Read about her live show here!

18 | Erykah Badu ft. Lenny Kravitz – Back in the Day (Puff)

Such a classic, classic song.

19 | Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

Love, love, loooooove this man! Read about his amazing performance at MJF here!

atm-kool and the gang

20 | Kool and the Gang – Fresh


rip michael jackson

I don’t know what else to say that hasn’t already been said. For me, all those youtube tributes were fantastic. I especially loved how Toronto celebrated his life. Unforts here in MTL there wasn’t anything of the sort (that I knew of). But, I celebrated in my own way. For a few weeks one of my flatmates and I wore a white glove all day (one half of the day I got the right glove, woohoo!), started the day with MJ, ended the day with MJ…eventually they got tired of this and started singing the Jon Lajoie song over and over again. But I don’t think I’ve stopped reminiscing quite yet. Pas encore.

21 | Micheal Jackson – Get on the Floor

22 | Michael Jackson – Off the Wall

23 | Michael Jackson – Girlfriend

24 | Michael Jackson – We’ve Got A Good Thing Goin’

25 | Michael Jackson – I Wanna Be Where You Are

Download ATM’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape

Go to CVC to download CVC’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape
(give it possibly up to a week before it shows)

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