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atm-juiceboxxx 02

MOTHERFUCKIN’ JUICEBOXXX!!!! I have been obssessed with this Milwaukeean (?) rapper for nearly a year now. This Thunder Jam Kid is about to release 100 MPH on September 1 which has been in the works for two years! Juiceboxxx is:

1. crazy
2. ridiculous
3. probably on amphetamines
4. keeps it real
5. awesometastic. yes, that Awesome.

For the new single and more goodies, jump!

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yay-Max Dalton

Oasis is one of my top five bands of all time. People always talk shit about Oasis, saying that they’re a bunch of drunk and coked up fucks that didn’t make music and aren’t half as good as the Beatles. Well, back then, they were drunk, and they did do a lot of drugs, but they made music, good music, that made them one of the biggest UK bands in the world. Some might say, even bigger than the Beatles.

Regardless of whatever beefs people have with Oasis, people seem to forget that they’re more than just their “Champagne Supernova”, “Wonderwall”, brotherly bickering, and inebriated belligerence. Where is the talk about their music? Everything up to Heathen Chemistry is gold. Pure gold. Their lyrics are real and heart felt. Musically, their composition is incredible, delivering catchy, sing-along-able alt rock songs. Everything past Heathen Chemistry, however, kinda blows in comparison, sadly. Maybe that’s why they’re being put on the back burner now? I dunno.

I am always so surprised to hear that Oasis isn’t a treasured favorite in a lot of people’s “Favorite’s” list. That happened to me today so I decided to share two of many Oasis favorites. I love Oasis. After the jump!

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yay-Retro Goodness

“Midnight’s Children” by Salman Rushdie is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. I also think he is one of the greatest novelists of time. Aaah but this book, this book! Much like his other books (“The Satanic Verses”…etc), it just took forever to finish not only because of how long the book is, but because of how much you consumed while reading it. All encompassing, heavy, deep, and satiating within a few sentences (especially when you’re trying to read it critically…historically…politically…and even leisurely)! This book is a monster. I know it took me the span of 4 months (while traveling, albiet) to finish it when I was already half finished! But, it is the most rewarding experience and it’s such a feat! An achievement indeed…this post is for you Bandukwala!!! Congrats on finishing!

Cheers! Here’s an awesome song to celebrate…don’t judge me. I love it.

MP3: Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On

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yay-Hot-Air Balloons

My favorite Pavement song:

“Pavement – Here”

I was dressed for success
But success it never comes
And I’m the only one who laughs
At your jokes when they are so bad
And your jokes are always bad
But they’re not as bad as this

Come join us in a prayer
We’ll be waiting waiting where
Everything’s ending here

And all the sterile striking it defends
An empty dock you cast away
And rain upon your forehead
Where the mists for hire if its just too clear
Let’s spend our last quarterstance randomly
Go down to the outlet once again

Painted portraits of minions & slaves
Crotch mavens and one night plays
Are they the only ones who laugh?
At the jokes when they are so bad
And the jokes they’re always bad
But they’re not as bad as this

Come join us in a prayer
We’ll be waiting waiting where
Everything’s ending here

And all the spanish candles unsold
Away have gone to this
And a run-on piece of mount on
Trembles, shivers, runs down the freeway
I guess she spent her last quarter randomly
I guess a guess is the best I’ll do
Last time last time
Was the best time

MP3: Pavement – Here

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yay-visual advice

This is Torrini’s first North American tour and Montréal is her first date. OOOOOO we’re her firsts!!! Yippeee!!!! Artists from Iceland can do no wrong. I’ve tried to prove otherwise. I have since given up.

Who is this opener, Anya Marina? For once I go to an opener and I am so so pleased. A cute, blonde, and sassy Russian from Los Angeles whose voice feeds you into the euphoria that only blue cloudless skies atop of soft green grass and a nap can give. I would have been happy to have seen just her that night for the ticket ($20). Truly. Truly. But I get Emiliana too?!?!?

A truly glorious bill. Ah, finally. I am going to recap this wonderful show. After the jump!

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atm-yay-Тебе интересно

I thought I’d start a new “segment” just like my “Videos I Think Are Cool” and a pseudo “Jam Packed”, if you will. I have lots to write about later, like my amazing concert last night with Emiliana Torrini and Anya Marina, the kajillions of singles and albums I want to share…but you guys know me by now. I’m a tad…lazy. Horrible. I know. I thought I’d introduce Words because songs are more about beats, instruments, and melodies. If anything, the lyrics make or break the song…and sometimes they mean so much that you don’t even hear anything else.

Radiohead songs tend to be like this, but this one in particular, makes me go crazy, in a good way. It also happens to be one of my favorite Radiohead songs of all time. Tell me what you guys think.

“Radiohead – Myxomatosis”

The mongrel cat came home
holding half a head
proceeded to show it off
to all his new found friends
he said “I’ve been where I like”
“I’ve slept with who I liked”
“she ate me up for breakfast”
“she screwed me in a vice”

“but now
I don’t know why I
feel so tongue-tied”

I sat in the cupboard
and wrote it down in neat
they were cheering and waving
cheering and waving
twitching and a-salivating like with myxomatosis
but it got edited fucked up
strangled beaten up
used in a photo in Time magazine
buried in a burning black hole in Devon

I don’t know why I
feel so tongue-tied
don’t know why
I feel
so skinned alive.

like my thoughts are misguided and a little naive
I twitch and I salivate like with myxomatosis
you should put me in a home or you should put me down
I got myxomatosis
I got myxomatosis

yeah no one likes a smartarse but we all like stars
that wasn’t my intention (tension), I did it for a reason (treason)
it must have got mixed up
strangled beaten up
I got myxomatosis
I got myxomatosis

I don’t know why I
feel so tongue-tied

MP3: Radiohead – Myxomatosis.

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I am so stoked for Heartland. This man is amazing live.

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yay-terry rodgers

I just want to rant a bit first before actually writing the review. I was going to do this last night but decided to sleep on it and calm down a bit. But, turns out, I still feel the same way.

Yesterday was a great day. I saw great bands. It was lovely weather. Coldplay was absolutely magical with the fireworks, and the paper butterflies and the big yellow balloon and the various other shenanigans going on. But what do I remember most about last night?


Perhaps you’re thinking, well it would have been a good idea to leave before the show ended, or right when the show ended to hustle your way to the metro to avoid the rush. BUT WHY SHOULD I? I wanna see the encore. I paid for a ticket so that doesn’t mean that I should leave early because Osheaga organizers and the STM couldn’t get their shit together. NO OTHER FESTIVAL, for crying out loud, not even HOCKEY GAMES in Edmonton have this poor organization.

It is not possible to up the speed at which they’re leaving? To run as if they were in rush hour? I get that there are only a few trains that can run max because of the way the tracks are organized, fine, that’s great. What about alternate methods off the island. For example, shuttle buses. Those can fit at least 50-60 people per bus, have 20 some buses going back and forth off the island to alleviate the stress on the metro. Maybe this is too expensive? Maybe this is worsening the carbon footprint? So, fine. don’t have the shuttles.

BUT AT LEAST FUCKING COMMUNICATE WITH US. No one knew WHERE to go. I was one of the unfortunate ones that went to the other fork in the path and ended up coming into the metro on the side, and not the other fork, which would have been directly towards the metro doors. Why weren’t there signs telling people to go the other way, or at least staff? Our side took at least 3 times longer to get to the doors than the other. And probably made the other line much more inefficient as well. Why not group everybody in the line that matters? And if this isn’t the case, still! Why not tell us how many trains are going, how many people can get on per train and how long it takes? Perhaps this isn’t they’re job? Communication is the key to from disgruntled, tired, pissed off people, to disgruntled and tired people who accept what is going on. We’ll still complain but at least we’ll know what’s going on. And that’s better than keeping us in the dark.

Osheaga is a festival that is about to terminate. Organizers even said that if this one doesn’t go well, they might not have another one (once I find the source, I will post it). Shit like this, where thousands of us, with our feet literally so brittle from having been on them all day, bodies tired from the sun and from dancing, and our moods utterly in the deep depths of hot pissed off fiery hell, were complaining our asses off and really frustrated in having to wait over 1.5 hours just to get on a train!

Osheaga, it’s great that you organized free transportation for people who have tickets on the metro, but this is fucking shite. Surely, you learned from the previous three years?! That tens of thousands of people waiting for one fucking metro line will take eternity and piss off a lot of people and doesn’t leave us happy? At. All?

I can only imagine all the people behind me…who must have waited 2+ hours…and I don’t know if the train extended their hours either, as the metro usually stops running until 0100. People were running to different connecting lines when I got off at Berri around that time. You would think that they extended the hours, they HAD to, otherwise thousands of people would have been stuck on an island, or at Berri. See? No communication. Where are the posters saying that there would be extended hours on these days so people don’t freak out and panic that they can’t get home without having to pay for an extremely expensive cab ride or have a long walk home?

I am still pissed off. Mainly because I was exhausted yesterday, and standing in the middle of the crowd like that, inching forward a few feet per 20 minutes on feet that were about to crack from overuse, was getting claustrophobic, and required even more energy (barely any left), just to survive brinking anarchy. I am sure I was not the only one.

So fuck you Osheaga and STM for not having organized a way of getting tens of thousands of people off an island. You suck. And I have more things to complain about like how they were taking the caps off the bottles of water (making them unreuseable), having barely any garbage cans or recycle bins on a vast amount of space (making your grounds super dirty, bottles in the garbage and garbage in the recyling, and not to mention extra time and money in clean up crew), and having so little vendors that the line ups for food and drink took a fucking long time (except for Dagwoods, they knew what was coming and prepared. Probably the best organized thing about this festival). But you know, it’s a four year old festival, but you would think they’d learn from their mistakes, learn from the bigger festivals or even MJF…why do people go back to those festivals all the time and don’t have much to complain about? Because it’s well organized. If Osheaga stops next year, or even the next few years, I won’t be surprised if it keeps going the way it’s going.

But you know what, enough negativity. Though the experience wasn’t as good as it could have been, the music was. I feel better now that I have all of this off my chest. I can’t complain about the shows, they were great, they were wonderful. So come back later today for a full review of the first day!

Edit 05 08 09: Sorry this came so late. This ended up being the only day of the two Osheaga days I went to because the second day was full of bands I’d already seen, and plus, I just didn’t want to deal with the metro at the end of the night. In the days between Osheaga Day 1 and now, I’ve been dancing to industrial, learning how to speak Jersey courtesy of my couchsurfers, and reading in the park. But I realise I gotta get this done before anything else. I HAVE SO MUCH MUSIC TO SHARE WITH Y’ALL. But first, the review of the Osheaga Day 1…after the jump!

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Alright, so today I only wanted to see Silly Kissers, which I missed, trying to redo my last post which vanished because I was stupid and I didn’t save. And also, I wanted to see Fischerspooner but missed quite a bit of that because a big bottle of Australian wine got in the way. Stupid wine.


I did catch a bit of Fischerspooner, the New York duo, before deciding to leave because it was not fantastic enough to keep me there. I knew that today (Day 1 of Osheaga) would be a big day for me…I need to rest. Nonetheless, I still ended up sleeping at 4am. But at least it wasn’t dancing until 4. So I achieved my said rest, sort of.

After the jump for music (including a song from Fspooner) I’ve been listening to a lot lately…though not all of it because I plan on releasing another mixtape and JAM PACKED soon!

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yay-vincent peters-sourgasm

Having no more than just over a month, after today, I realised that I haven’t recovered from Bonnaroo, MJF, and Flying Lotus (yes it counts as it’s own event it was sooo epic). My feet hurt. My ankles hurt. My toes hurt. My whole body is numbed from cycling place to place, dancing from floor to floor, and naturally and in style, giving it my all. Today proved to be an awesome start to MEG Montreal, with a free BBQ (I ate three hot dogs…ugh—first hot dogs I have had in a loooong while that weren’t tofu), a great venue (le divan orange), and fantastic entertainment.

I went to three venues today, all of which took me at least an hour total to cycle about, to see three different shows. The reviews amd goodies for Random Recipe, Cougarettes, Noia, Misteur Valaire (hearts hearts), Omnikrom, and Dirty Sound Ssytem after the jump!

Edit: I HAD ALL OF THIS WRITTEN AT 2PM YESTERDAY BUT STUPID ME, AND I DIDN’T SAVE…AND WORDPRESS’ AUTOSAVE FAILED ME WHERE IT SAVED ME MANY TIMES BEFORE AND I ACCIDENTALLY CLOSED MY WINDOW. I FEEL(T) SUPER DEPRESSED…AND RE-WRITING THIS AGAIN, WELL IT SUCKS. So yeah, just a warning that this will not be as thorough as it was before…sigh…but enough about how I had spent a good few hours writing something that no longer exists…AFTER THE JUMP for review number two!

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