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Alright folks, gonna write this fast because I am off to see Telefon Tel Aviv in like, 30 minutes.

This is what I think:

It is pretty much the same effort as American Gangster. There are a few songs (the ones I am sharing after the jump) that have siiiiiiiiiiiick beats or a really good chorus. There are so many cameos: Kanye, Alicia Keys, Mr. Hudson, Drake, Kid Cudi, and even a dude from Empire of the Sun but, the star power doesn’t really make the album any better.

I LOVE “Venus vs Mars”. The beat is slow, sexy, and creates a wave like rhythm that is so grandiose that it stops conversation. Problem is, the lyrics SUCK. Mon dieu, the worst chorus ever. The equivalent of Beyoncé’s “it’s too big, it’s won’t fit yada yada yada”. There are defs hits on this album, the already released singles, “D.O.A.”, and “Run This Town” got nothing on “On to the Next One” and “Empire State of Mind”. But, Jay-Z is exactly as he says, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!”. His level of innovation only goes so far when emotional investment isn’t solely put on producing this album…and it shows.

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Commercialized beats. No uniqueness. Uninspiring lyrics. Mediocre rapping prowess. Anyways, Blueprint III ain’t no album to save hip-hop. This ain’t no album that’s gonna change hip-hop. This ain’t no album that heightens Jay-Z’s royalty in the world of hip-hop. But, did Jay-Z really intend for this album to be such? With this kind of effort, I think not. This isn’t even a consistent hip-hop album. It’s just one big business, one big album that sounds dece to sell copies and sell out stadiums and then, on to the next album, which according to Jay himself, will be his masterpiece. So until then, leave BP3 on the shelf and move onto some better things *cough cough Supreme Clientele cough*.

Edit 23 09 09: I changed my mind. I give it a B. Despite isolating myself from the hype, I COULDN’T HELP THE HYPE! and I was nonetheless disappointed. I gave it many many listens. And after reviewing it some more a few weeks later. It’s a consistent hip-hop album but like I said before, nothing special.

MP3: Jay-Z – Venus vs. Mars

MP3: Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

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