i told you i was freaky

By now, allay’all should know who Flight of the Conchords are…or, at least, recognize their faces from the hit TV show which is entering it’s third season. Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are the New Zealand charmers that worked their way into our hearts, daily platitudes and every day colloquialisms with songs like “Business Time”, and “Hiphoppopotamus vs Rhymnocerous”. Everywhere, everywhere, I was quoting FOTC lyrics like I was quoting “Mean Girls” lyrics from a few years back:

“Yeah, well, two minutes in heaven is better than one minute”.
“Recycling…it’s still important”.
“That’s why they call it business socks”

…and my favorite…

“My name is the Hiphoppopotamus, my rhymes are bottomless…











atm-flight of the conchords

But you know, something happened in between the first season and the second season of FOTC. The first season, no one knew who they were. Their songs were original, worked on, old, un-incorporated, and most importantly, hilarious. This was reflected in how wonderfully cute the show was, funny in all the right ways exposing humorous truths in reality that most have encountered at least once. Not to mention the amazing cast. I fell absolutely in love Bret and Jemaine and of course, Murray and his New Zealand posters—New Zealand…Why Not?

Flight of the Conchords was great here and I think this is definitely their crest in the sinusoidal wave of coming and going creativity. Once their videos caught on though, FOTC spread faster than HSV1 in the States. They got a signing with HBO to start the second season and as happy as I was to see that they are becoming more and more popular, this funny shit takes time. Especially when Bret and Jemaine are the ones writing their own work. ESPECIALLY when they already used most of their material for the first season/album. Because of this, the second season just isn’t as funny. Sure, the production quality is INCREDIBLE but the songs aren’t as comedic as they used to be.

Regardless, I Told You I Was Freak is still a great listen. Bret and Jemaine are still super awesome and their banalities remain fresh and imaginative but, lyrically, they lack the laugh out loud content they used to have. All the songs have a funky pop flare that rival similar contenders like The Lonely Island. What sets Flight of the Conchords apart however, is their music is ubiquitously relevant, listenable, and though the videos for the music usually compliment the songs quite well for both TLP and FOTC, with FOTC it isn’t as necessary to have the visual component present. I love groovin’ to the melancholic yet upbeat “Hurt Feelin’s” and the Depeche Mode-y “Fashion is Danger”. “Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor” and “You Don’t Have to Be A Prostitute” are easily the funniest songs and resemble the comedy of their earlier work.

I dunno when and if they’ll be extending to a third season, but I am sure Bret and Jemaine will be cranking out loveable, ridiculous, and super gangster entertainment soon enough and will soar out of this temporary trough. But for now, enjoy what’s out! And, go have some tea with yurrr grandmawwww.


MP3: Flight Of The Conchords – Hurt Feelings

MP3: Flight Of The Conchords – Fashion Is Danger

You can buy their work here!

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