Moby is probably one of the most underrated electronic artists nowadays…after having released three albums in the past four years and yes, hitting the top a few times in European electronic dance charts with a slew of singles unheard by most others, Moby is still just “that guy that did ‘Southside’ with Gwen!”. I think in the mainstream, he is best known for this song. And no lie, “Southside” is one of the greatest songs of the decade for sure! But c’mon! This is Moby. Moby, who quit punk in early 90’s, joined electronica, quit techno in 1992 (as he so famously told Eminem), became a great veteran of music more than twenty years later from when he started, and truly was one of the artists of the past decade who exposed electronic/music as an art form and it’s relevance to music history, to jazz, to film, and to activism.

I must admit, I stopped following Moby after Play, an album that produced probably his most well known hits “Natural Blues”, my personal favorite and defs my tops of the decade, “Porcelain”, and “Southside”. Sure I have all the albums since then but only have listened to them halfheartedly and gave my attention moreso to the singles released like “We Are All Stars”–written for 9/11, and ‘Lift Me Up”. What happened? I dunno. Moby is so chill. So perfect for so many occasions but I guess in the last four/five years I’ve become more pre-occupied with artists and genres of the like and discovered them to be a bit more fitting to the time and to my taste.

MP3: Moby – Porcelain

Moby recently had a show here in MTL just yesterday. But stupid me, I missed it because I have let go of my agenda which is futile because my memory for shows–especially here in MTL where there are too many bands to see in not enough lives—is become more and more frail. Boo. En tout cas, the good thing is, Moby played a FREE SHOW the next day AKA today at the Apple Store. Though I hate for a show to be played at the Apple Store, since it is like playing at, like Starbucks, or Wal-Mart, I pass judgement on the fact that  Play, was the first album in history that had all of it’s singles licensed in commercials, films, and advertisements. The reasoning behind these deals? Well maybe the money, but somewhere along the way Moby needed to get his stalemate status out of the gutter and like most things, sadly, commercializing it was the best way. And I guess, playing for free at the Apple store was one of the only ways to get himself out of this lull pit once again. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Let me just say though, Apple Store is quite an amazing venue, despite what one may think. From the outside, I heard NOTHING. Good insulation.  From the inside, the sound is CRYSTAL sharp. SO SHARP. It is aesthetically so clean. So clean. The only show I’ve been to that’s was actually lit was Dan Deacon back at the Bumbershoot last year when the electrocurrents got all messed up. Dancing in the light is just as fun as dancing in the dark. What made this Apple Store even better than most venues is that it is very well ventilated. I could dance for HOURS and not break a sweat in there. I wonder if they have shows there all the time!? So cozy and nice. Damn. I am a conformer jajaja.

A caveat, first. I ended up finding out about this nearly half past when it started. I booked my way there and only caught the last fifteen or so minutes. It was BARELY advertised from what I could tell since a FREE Moby show, even on such a gloomy, rainy, and drab day as it was today, one would think at least a hundred would show up, but this was not the case. I would estimate under 50 people were there. I will also guess a lot of them did not know who he was or knew but weren’t huge fans. This became apparent to me when he played his encore, “Natural Blues”, and NO ONE sang along. But who cares?! I hope the people walked out happy and myspaced him right away to fulfill the point of it all.

So, this isn’t technically live coverage as I saw no more than 15 minutes (boo) and so this post isn’t as detailed as most of my live coverage. Desolée.

I wrote this mainly because I wanted to share my video that I recorded of “Natural Blues”. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Ugh I wish I was there for the whole set! Does anyone know the singer here?! She is incredible. There were moments during songs where her gospel voice was all you could hear, as if the prowess of her voice shunned all the other sound away into silence. LOOK AT ME! LISTEN TO ME! Her voice demands the attention. It is wonderful. It is ethereal. And this video of “Natural Blues” doesn’t even cover the half of it! UGH I need to know who she is and I couldn’t hear her name when Moby announced it. So, if anyone knows…please please please tell me! Much appreciated. =)

I also wrote this to remind people that Moby is out there! And like the milk carton from Blur’s “Coffee and TV”, the little cartoon Moby is back there, in your subconscience, conscience, somewhere! Look for it! and get Mobied up once again.

MP3: Moby – Natural Blues

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